Sunday, August 23, 2009

So there is a hurricane and you are bored...

...the hockey game is postponed, the alumni game is canceled, you are filled to the brim with blueberry pancakes, too lazy to shower and you are on the internet. What to do? Where to visit?

1) Well you could find your favorite dirty talk partner and chat away....if they are online. Don't have one of those? Fine!

2) Maybe you can visit the QMJHL website and check out the scores from games being played in other non-hurricane affected towns.

3) Willy Palov at the Herald has an article about the 5 man battle for the overage position:
MacAskill and Louis-Seize, teammates and good friends for three years already, dropped the gloves in the first fight of training camp and MacAskill took on Bahm the next night. MacAskill, not known as a fighter during his four years in Halifax, is clearly prepared to do anything it takes to stick around for a fifth season and Louis-Seize is doing the same.

The two surely are working off the clear indication they are behind the other three in the competition and are pushing themselves beyond their usual comfort zones to show the coaching staff how badly they want to stay.

"I think it showed a lot for them to go," said Bahm. "For them to drop the mitts and fight when they’re friends like that, it shows a lot of character.

"(The competition) is a little (awkward) but we try not to think about it. We don’t really talk about it and we’re all friends. We were teammates last year but we know we’re here fighting for spots."

4) There is a new blog called Saint John Sea Dog Snippets. I have had the link in my sidebar for a while but I have been waiting to see if they stick around and post consistently. Hooray, they do.

5) Play with your Stefan Dumaresque voodoo doll. Make him stop every puck.

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