Saturday, August 8, 2009

As a Devils fan I know this is wrong but....

I kinda like the Philadelphia Flyers. I guess you could say that I have a crush.

The Flyers have recently done something smart and inked Moncton Wildcats Goalie and their 2009 5th round draft pick Nicola Riopel to a contract. Because some girls like to listen to french boys talk, because west coasters are not familiar with Riopel, and because everybody else hates the Flyers and would never dare to visit their web page - I am including Riopel's draft day video here as a final goodbye.

It appears as if Riopel will not be back with the Wildcats and that the goaltending reigns will be handed over to behbeh LBD, goaltender for Canada's under 18 team and hot list hottie for the hockey news. That is a list of young hotties, right?

So while everybody in Halifax was doing a Stanley Cup /Sidney Crosby birthday celebration pee-dance of excitement yesterday, I was sitting around sighing for goalies and the Flyers. This was followed by soulful Flamenco...the expressive dance of my own personal suffering at the hands of heart breaking goalies.

To get my mind off of goalies today I watched this video of former Gatineau Olympique star forward Claude Giroux, who now also plays for the Flyers. Enjoy, and please don't forget his name. I suspect he won't let you! If you don't know him now you will know him soon enough.

Now my mind is wandering. Why does he have a giant inflatable dinosaur in his back seat? Sometimes it takes the BIG questions to get goalies out of my head.

Riopel Image from Courrier de St-Hyacinthe via RDS

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