Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Training Camp - squee!

I am just here to pass on news from other sources.

Wuest has posted the training camp schedule on the Q-files blog:

"The Halifax Mooseheads will hold training camp from Wednesday, Aug. 19, to Friday, Aug. 21, at Cole Harbour Place, with morning and evening scrimmages.

The camp roster will be divided into three teams, with 5-on-5 action running from 10 a.m. to noon in the morning and from 7 to 9 p.m. in the evening. The Mooseheads travel to Cornwall, P.E.I., on Saturday, Aug. 22, to open the exhibition season at 4 p.m. against the Prince Edward Island Rocket"

...and the Mooseheads have announced an Alumni game vs the Halifax Regional Police:
"The Mooseheads announced today that they will be hosting the first Halifax Mooseheads Alumni Game on Sunday, August 23rd at 3:30pm at the Halifax Forum when they take on members of the Halifax Regional Police. The Alumni game will take place prior to the Mooseheads Exhibition Home Opener against the PEI Rocket at 6pm. Proceeds from the Alumni game will go towards Feed Nova Scotia and the Diana Thorton Education Fund.

Tickets, which include both admission to the Alumni game and the Exhibition game against PEI, are just $7 each. Admission is free for children 12 years of age and under. Fans are also encouraged to bring a non-perishable food item to the event in support of Feed Nova Scotia

A pre-game BBQ will also take place just outside the Forum at 2:30pm with proceeds going to Feed Nova Scotia. Mooseheads players will be on hand at the BBQ to mingle with fans and sign autographs."
You need to know this so that you can stalk your favorite Mooseheads.

*Sigh*. Once upon a time there was a Moose I wanted to meet but I had told myself I was never going to meet him during a team sanctioned event. He didn't seem to understand why this was weird and inappropriate. It seems far to 'fan-like' and not like 'hey I'm a person and you're a person and we like some of the same shit' and all that shit so we can chill, and have a beer, and talk or whatever...
...this went on for a year
...but we never met
...and we will never meet
...and sometimes I want to punch walls!

Sometimes I may seem crazy, but it is just because some boys can drive you to behave that way.

I have banned team sanctioned events from my life because they make me feel weird. Why would a grown woman (in a sense) want to meet a bunch of boys. I can't discuss the things that boys like to talk about: titties, who in their class gives the best head, drinking, and video games. These things are not my forte.

I would however like all of my Moosies to know that I DO appreciate them for the hours of entertainment that they provide me, and I will continue to love them even if this season is an epic fail. Yes, I have my season tickets booked and even if I never meet them I will love all of my Moose from afar - through some glass, as if they were a zoo animal. From seasons past I have learned my lesson about these creatures - look, don't touch, and most importantly 'NEVER feed the animals'.

I mean honestly! See this post from 'Fuck you, Penguin' - Petting zoo goats. Replace "petting zoo goats" with the words Jr Hockey Player. Fine let me do this for you:
QMJHL arenas are a hotbed of teenage hubris. With children constantly saying how cute they are, it's important to let the QMJHL players know that not everybody is on their dicks 24/7. This dandy here hasn't gotten nearly enough humble pie, because he apparently thinks he's next in line on the runway* in fucking Milan. Ummm, not every teenage boy just gets to lie around all day waiting for little sluts to come and rub them ______. Some boys actually have to work hard all day to find lady friends to rub them _______.

Whether you are dealing with petting zoo goats or QMJHL players the last thing you want to do is make them more smug or arrogant than they already are.

* you know, like a model...or Garred Grant. I wonder if the wrist surgery is interfering with his 'love life'

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