Monday, July 13, 2009

This is Important Stuff

David Stich! oh yeah! Sure he is not a Moose but he gets honorary boyfriend status because he is tough as nails and has unbelievable shot blocking prowess. Also, all Sea Dogs are my secret lovers - check the archive.

Twenty year old Stich, a former defenceman (and captain - bow chica wow wow) for the Saint John Sea Dogs, is now at Blackhawks development camp. He had received an amateur tryout with the Hartford Wolf Pack in both 2008 and 2009 but apparently was unloved by the wolf pack. This is because they are a Rangers affiliate and the Rangers are a bunch of stupid Cunts. I hate them like I hate the Penguins. Oh, how I irrationally hate the Rangers. I hate them so much!!!

Stich in Blackhawks red is sooooo much sexier. Surely the hawks cannot be dumb enough to let him slip through their fingers. Can they?

I have two words for you. Write them down so you can remember - 1) Rangers! 2) Chumps!


wrap around curl said...

Can you please tell him to punch Kyle Beach?

Q-girl said...

PUNCH! Stich can do that...but it might not look so good on him.