Monday, July 13, 2009

Pet the other Sea Dogs

Once, I saw Yann Sauve take a fit and throw one of my Moosies up against the glass in a rage. Time froze. I felt sooooo funny down there. This sudden outburst of violence induced the friskiest feeling I have ever felt at a hockey game.

It is currently development camp time (kinda) and Saint John Sea Dogs' defenceman Yann Suave has been in Vancouver getting his hockey stuff on. To prove that he is not all irrational bouts of panty melting violence, he has written a blog about his time at development camp. See totally regular boy stuff - awww he makes his own pasta.

Sure, I may be 5 days late on this one but don't hold that against me. Yann wouldn't! He would rather spend all of his down-time blogging and trying to be "one of us" than hanging out with the guys. Blogging totally buys him kisses... that and his baby blues, his hair, his tall buff defenceman body, etc.

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