Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kisses better

The bad and the good:
On Wednesday Mooseheads draft pick Kody Orr was in a car accident. Don't panic, he is fine....kinda. My best wishes go out to Kody and his friends and I hope they all have a speedy recovery.

Pender goes to Camp:
The NJ Devils held their development camp last week. Invitees never get special attention and so there is not much new to report about former Moosehead defenceman Justin Pender but the Devils do have information about training camp on their website. Videos are for special draft pics like Lewiston's Eric Gelinas.

During the final scrimmage on Friday Tedenby deflected a Pender shot from the point. Sound familiar? Then Tendenby stole all of Pender's candy and left the ice.

If you have not done so already, subscribe to the Mooseheads twitter feed. NOW!!! Apparently:
1) Abeltshauser is repping Germany in the under 18s in Switzerland
2) Travis Randell has a summer job and enjoys trouting. He may be trying to turn into Andrew White so that I will fall into imaginary love with him.

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