Tuesday, June 2, 2009

No gummi bears for you!

According to Matthew Wuest, the much bullied Yuri Cheremetiev is likely to stay on with the Moose as an overager. Oh and what a pretty picture of Yuri they have given us - he doesn't even have those blond barely-there whiskers which are usually strewn about his face.

Sometimes the message board guys think they know all this noise but most of the time I think they don't know shit. If they did then they wouldn't let so much of it spew from their fingers while doing their crazy message board babble. Girls won't let you touch them if you have poo on your hands. I once read a perplexing rumour on there about a kitten but I never got around to asking if it was true. It was probably poo.

Wuest says:
(Cheremetiev) and Tomas Knotek are the only proven offensive talents on the team, and Russell --- despite his occasional irritation with Cheremetiev --- no doubt recognizes that.

It's not that Cheremetiev couldn't be moved, but the deal would have to be sweet. And since 20-year-olds don't usually net an outlandish return, expect him to don a Mooseheads jersey in 2009-10, his fifth season with the organization. And if he reports to camp in good shape, he could post some good numbers as an over-ager.

Good shape? I think I saw Yuri in a candy shop buying gummi bears once. That stuff is made of horse hooves. If it was him may I just recommend a low gummi diet because eating too many gummi bears will give you the physique of a gummi bear.

EDIT: Yuri drafted by the KHL! In the second round at #33. Craziness! Well, he did play for Russia in the QMJHL portion of the Canada/ Russia Challenge.


"Dave Schultz" said...

I thought I saw that Yuri was "taken" in the KHL draft yesterday??

and gummi bears made of horse hooves? shit. I love gummi bears. and yes, my physique matches.

Q-girl said...

it is true. I just came online to post that... the Yuri KHL thing I mean, not the gummi bear thing, which is also true.

Anonymous said...

so does that mean hes not going to be on the mooseheads next year?

Q-girl said...

Naw, it just means that he has more choices should things not be going well with in the CHL.