Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Captain and your Captain were up in a Acadia.

Congrats to Moosehead Captain Graham Bona who will be attending Acadia to play hockey with the Axemen next year. I just have a few words of warning for my cuddly, studmuffinly captain: All the food in wolfville sucks.

No really. I don't know if you can get sushi there but if you can I am sure that it will kill you. Futhermore they have an Indian restaurant which I would suggest you stay away from. Oh my darling Graham I hope you do not starve to death. It is quite possible that all of the meat (mmmmm) could fall off your bones and you will just wilt away from malnutrition.

Don't eat the fans, Bona

You know what we should do? I should take you on a date to some place fancy and fill you up with food before you leave. A nights worth of good eating should last you at least a month. I'll try to resist the urge to make you sweat it off later.

Ohhh kinesiology . So you are not a businessman type? How very sexy. You do know that Dal has Kines AND Halifax has lots of good sushi, right? Also, Dal sucks and you could easily crack the lineup. Also also also ... then you wouldn't have to leave me. Just sayin'.

When you get to Acadia tell Wrap around Curl's Captain that she said "oh Hai".

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wrap around curl said...

They can have play dates!