Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New news is good news

I have Hoorays and Neighs to hand out on this miserable, rainy, Tuesday morning.

We all know that former Mooseheads overagers Mark Yetman and Graham Bona are university bound next season, but what of defenceman Justin Pender? It seems as if, after years of being incapable of worming his way into my heart as a Moosehead, the big lug took the next logical step - the Devil's organization.

Uggg! A Pender/ White/ Yetman tallindering would be the most newfiefied and terrifying sex act in the world and I don't want to go there Pender. I DO NOT. I saw a picture once and it looked violent and scary. I don't want to be in the middle of THAT. I don't want to mess my hair and we just know that you are all a bunch of hair pullers.

Yes, Pender is trying his hand at worming his way onto the Debils from training camp and worse yet worming his way into my heart/pants. He finished off last season playing two games with the AHL's Lowell Devils, getting two points in 2 games. It was all sorts of impressive.

According to Wuest, this is Pender's new life philosophy
Pender hopes to secure an AHL contract with Lowell but would report to the club’s East Coast Hockey League affiliate, the Trenton Devils, if that didn’t pan out.

“That’s how my mind is set right now, unless something else comes up,” the six-foot-four 212-pounder said. Pender, who was the Mooseheads’ top-scoring defenceman last season with nine goals and 26 assists for 35 points and 104 penalty minutes in 61 games, said his AHL stint went well last season.

“I found it a lot easier than the Q,” he said. “The players knew what they were doing, they were a lot quicker, a lot faster pace. As soon as you have the puck, you can move it.”

Ohhh la-ti-da! Now players in the AHL are better than my stinky rotting Moose carcasses are they? They make you better do they Pender? Oh wait - yes they are. Sorry. Carry on!

1) I went to the ball hockey tournament to watch my boyfriend play a game. I was hoping to catch a little Moose action on the side. Well not only was my boyfriend's team a total bomb but my Moosie's game vs the Wildcats was canceled due to time constraints. What the fuck is that PlayON? No. I don't need to say more!

2) Ahem QMJHL! If I knew your middle name I would use it right now. I would be all like "Quebec
Thomas Major-Junior-Hockey-League you get over here THIS INSTANT". I would get all MOM on your ass.

This picture of Olivier Bellavance-Roy looks tres familiar, n'est pas?
Don't you have a more legal means of picture acquisition? I am sure the Eagles have tonnes of pictures of our dearest Olivier that you can use. When I use other people's pics I give them credit. I think it is the nice thing to do.

Anywho...do you know that 16 teams were taking a good hard look at Oliver during the combine? One of those teams was the Debils! mmmm Debils.

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