Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Maniacal laughter ensues

That's right little bitch. Tee Hee. Welcome to my young man-harem. Wait! It is not called a harem...what is that cluster of young men which I horde to myself for the purposes of mating called?

According to the Mooseheads website:
The Mooseheads announced today that Brent Andrews has committed to play for the Halifax Mooseheads next season. The Hunter River, PEI native was the Mooseheads 1st pick, 15th overall at the 2009 QMJHL Entry Draft held earlier this month in Moncton. The Mooseheads acquired the 15th overall pick from the Rouyn-Noranda Huskies in exchange for 19 yr old defenceman Gabriel O’Connor.

“I was impressed with the educational opportunities provided by the Mooseheads and the QMJHL” stated Andrews. “The Mooseheads offered a great mix of both hockey and education, and I’m very excited to be coming to
I am sure that part where I yelled at him, called him an NCAA blowhard, shook my fist in his general direction and then, just now, called him a little bitch, totally helped. Welcome to Halifax Brent. We are totally fun here. When we are not licking your balls we are kicking your balls. Me personally? I am more of a licker than a kicker.

So this is Brent Andrews:

Ahem. Those teenage years can be soooo awkward. Sure he is no Zach Sill in the looks department, but he does have some snazzy eyebrows. Jessyko Bernard had better be guarding his recently inherited "best team eyebrows" trophy. Andrews totally looks like the kinda guy who would steal it while Jessyko sleeps.

*Andrews photo from the Cornwall Thunder website


Zack said...

He looks so thrilled to be in that picture...maybe Superior is a misnomer after all.

Q-girl said...

I have learned a very serious lesson over the years. That lesson being - never trust a team photo as a true reflection of the player.