Friday, May 29, 2009

Oh... I think I just got a femmeboner.

From the Metro:

It’s sounding like there will be a little more bite at the Halifax Mooseheads’ training camp in August.

“We’re going back to five-on-five hockey with whatever goes,” said Mooseheads head coach and general manager Cam Russell. “You want to drop the gloves and fight? Go ahead. If players are tough guys, fighters, we’ll allow them to do what they do in camp so we can assess their ability, too.”

I think I might just actually like Cam Russell. The Jury is still out on him and I have been shifting back and forth in my team management related emotions, but with how I'm feeling right now I would say that quote deserves at least a handjob. I will have to wait and see what he can get out of the boys this upcoming season. It could get interesting.

In other Moose news - 20 year old forward Matt Boland is no longer of the team's protected list. I suspect he is off drowning his sorrows with a couple of chocolate bars, maybe even rubbing chocolate on his oft injured shoulder. Mmmmm chocolate. Right now I am so desperate for sweets and I would even lick chocolate off of Boland just to get some.

I am still festering about the possible re-inclusion of green into the team wardrobe after they spent 3 years phasing it out. Fuck! I mean grean is ok, and it looks really good on redheads... but red, black and white is totally 'teh hot'. The boys were stylin' and totally sexy in the thirds. The all black was totally RAWR. Amyot looks like such an intellectual in all black, like as if next season he will be founding the Halifax Beat Poetry society.

image from the Mooseheads Website

Dudes, there is a company down on the waterfront called BREAKHOUSE. They specialize in design. They can do advertisements, campaigns, interior etc. etc. etc. Look them up. Then, as soon as a contract becomes available, give it to them. Now, don't say I never did anything for you.

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Moosehabs said...

I, for one, welcome green back to the fold. The black jerseys are too plain and baseballish. Plus, black is way over used in hockey and sports in general.

BTW, the new jerseys will be Minnesota Wild style.