Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Some things never change

As you age you learn and you change. My tastes have changed over the years: from the Boston Bruins of my youth to the Toronto Maple leafs of my hockey resurgence to my love of the present day New Jersey Devils. The same goes for my love of Junior teams. While I always wish nothing but the best for the Screaming Eagles my heart now belongs to the Mooseheads.

Playoffs is a nightmare because every few weeks you get to see the one team you throw your tiny coal-black heart-pieces behind get eliminated and then you have to carry on a shallow fling with some team you do not really care about...until they get eliminated too.

Strangely, my love for Tori Amos never changes.

The Screaming Eagles were eliminated from President's Cup contention last night after two consecutive 3-0 losses to the Quebec Remparts, squelching their 3-2 series lead, and crushing the hopes of most Atlantic Division fans.

Now who do I climb between the sheets with? Shawinigan and Timo Pielmeier, Quebec and Charles Lavigne, Drummondville and Marco Cousineau (shudder...give me Tardiff) or Rimouski and Maxim Gougeon (NEVER!)

Can't I just have my team back? From the rambunctious little Gabriel Desjardins to the feisty Justin Pender ...what surprises await us for next season? Now that Pender has had a taste of the pros will he get more? What of Bona and Yetman? Who will get those three coveted 20 year-old positions? Why does Eric Louis-XVI suddenly seem so studly? Will Gabriel O'Connor get drafted to the NHL? Why don't NHL scouts love Alexis Piette as much as the people of Halifax do? Maybe they did not see his "fancy" move! Will any of our behbehs get traded? Will Jessyko Bernard be my new imaginary #1 Mooseheads boyfriend? ....and perhaps most importantly who will join Mathieu Corbeil between the pipes? mmmmm goalie.

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