Sunday, March 1, 2009

Woe be unto my Moose

Today the Moose faced off against the PEI rocket at the Civic Centre in Charlottetown and lost by a score of 6-4. It was a back and forth game, but PEI took the final lead on a goal by Simon Olsson with only 3 minutes left in the game. They then sealed the Mooseheads' fate with an empty net goal by Joel Champagne.

Now I may like Champagne because he is pretty but that does not mean that I want him to get TWO goals against my team - totally unacceptable. I am breaking up with Champagne. I liked him better with a bashed up wrist/hand.

PEI swept the stars. Olsson, Champagne, and Casavant. Whatever - Piette had 2 goals and an assist. Jessyko also had a goal - which resulted in my experiencing momentary bouts of happiness every time I thought of it.

I think Jessyko was moved up to a line with Knotek and Grant while Stransky was moved onto the Piette/Cheremetiev line. Gabriel Desjardins took a big hit in the middle of the second period and was out for the rest of the game.

I have a haunting feeling I will be up all night slaving away on a talk that kept changing its presentation date - it most recently moved forward by a week, thus screwing me in a most unpleasant way.

I have no time to blog with any wit. That is why I have posted the score sheet directly from the Q sight. I have to go work hard now. I'll make it up to you later with nudie pics*.

1st period

1. PEI - Chris Doyle (25) (Joël Champagne, Jarrad Struthers) 01:11
2. HAL - Jessyko Bernard (13) (Tomas Knotek, Jan Stransky) (pp) 14:43
3. HAL - Alexis Piette (17) (Travis Randell, Justin Pender) (pp) 19:17

2nd period

4. PEI - Joël Champagne (18) (Maxime Lévesque, Benjamin Casavant) 14:52
5. PEI - Simon Olsson (17) (Ben Duffy, Chris Doyle) 15:18
6. HAL - Alexis Piette (18) (Jan Stransky, Yuri Cheremetiev) 18:51

3rd period

7. PEI - Benjamin Casavant (38) (Joël Champagne) 00:36
8. HAL - Travis Randell (8) (Alexis Piette, Ben MacAskill) (pp) 15:39
9. PEI - Simon Olsson (18) (Brandon MacLean, Jordan Escott) 17:00
10. PEI - Joël Champagne (19) (no assist) (en) 19:59

No points for the Moose. Baie Comeau get 2 points, while Lewiston and Val d'Or also get none but remain 3 points up on Halifax.

*I am lying

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