Friday, March 20, 2009

For everyone else...playoffs start today

I don't know if you noticed but I seem to have gone missing. I don't know if I checked myself into a mental institution or spent my week in a drunken stupor. Perhaps I have been working hard and then spending my evenings in a drunken stupor. I may have been mourning the end of my hockey season and also the loss of the AUS championship by the UNB Varsity reds and that lustworthy thing in the UNB nets. Five goals allowed in the final game does not make me bitter... no not at all.

When you have no hockey there is not much to say. That is unless you want to spend your time analyzing this year's team and next year's team and verbally fellating Piette. But I don't need to do that because that is what we have "reporters" for. Just look at the hockey headlines that were in the paper this week:

Potential favorites for herd fans left in the post season lurch
2009- 2010 roster at a glance
mailbag: we're No. 1 right? Wrong.
Mooseheads player-by-player year-in-review
Q & A with Cam Russell
Plans for Czech stars still unclear
Piette seized his opportunity from rebuilding Mooseheads, (and has great eyebrows)
Mooseheads still face obstacles after rebuilding year

Next Moose rebound not immediate
Back to Hockey Basics

Finding a silver lining
Screaming Eagles, Wildcats among first-round favorites

Apparently, in Moose Country, the off season is much more exciting than the regular season.

In QMJHL news:

Rimouski boyfriend Keven Veilleux is the offensive player of the month. Kevin Marshall (Remparts) gets defensive props and Marc-OlivierMimar (Drakkar) gets rookie props and children's digestable cookies.

The finalists have been announced for the golden puck awards.

Nicola Riopel (Moncton Wildcats) is the ADT CHL goaltender of the week. He is also the league defensive player of the week. I probably should have mentioned that on, oh, I don't know....Monday. Joel Champagne gets offensive props for his pretty face... and the weird way he has no jawline and his face just melds into his neck. It confuses the enemy. Especially the part where we think that despite the face/neck merge he is still whole worlds of dreamy.

Gabriel O'Connor not only hogs the cookies but he also hogs the Academic player of the month award for February too. Our Ex boyfriend Guillaume Monast (Remparts) was also deemed adequately intelligent for the month of February. I wonder if I were to text them and they replied- would I be able to understand what they were trying to say? Are they smart enough to spell most words correctly?


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I fucking wish. Dear God how awful is it for your hockey season to end mid-March. At least last year when it ended in late April I still had the IIHFs to look forward to...and, AND I had a coincidental late-season run in with a an overage non-returning goalie. Much cooing and squeeing transpired.