Saturday, February 21, 2009


The Mooseheads played the Shawinigan Cataractes and lost by a score of 7-3*. This is generally what happens when the worst team in the league, with a 0.281 win % (ze Moose), face a team with a 0.78 win % (Shawinigan) who are second overall in the league.

I was going to give myself cookies because I am self loathing today and I feel the need to gorge. It is a damn good thing I have a pound of cinnamon hearts to munch on since someone on the team actually deserves props. I also crave garlic fingers. Why is there a pizza place next door? Expect me to do something incredibly stupid within the next few days... something that has nothing to do with eating garlic fingers, or telling myself I am fat, ugly or annoying.

I don't want to talk about hockey. I'll give some simple stats n' facts:
  • Shawinigan had 49 shots on net, Halifax - 22 shots on net
  • Girard was in nets for the Cataractes, Yetman was in for the Moose
  • Shawinigan were 3/5 on the power play. Moose were 1/2.
  • Yuri Cheremetiev had a good little rush
  • I saw Dunn in a suit. Why do boys in suits look so good? Had I seen Jessyko I probably would have approached him and coooed.
  • Two boys in front of the net on a PP. This is craziness. Is this my team?
  • I forget everything already.
  • The game program was amusing. It had team surveys.
  • He looked up. No, not there -too high; or there - too straight ahead. arrrrgggghh.

The game program:
  • Yetman and Boland will be on Harv's Sportsland this Monday
  • The Moose will be at the Lion's Head Tavern on Robie St this Wednesday night Feb 25th between 7-8pm to sign autographs. A pub! Can I buy them a beer? Can I get my boobs signed?
  • Travis Randel has the biggest skates and most hair growth. Great, the manliest man on the team just turned 18!
  • Matt Boland is the worst dancer.
  • Justin Pender is the funniest, but can also not dance. He may also involved in a bromance with Boland. This way Boland and Pender can dance badly together.
  • Why must guys always make 'big pimpin' faces when a camera turns on them? You know, chin up + trout lips... it looks stupid.
Moose goals were by: Gerrad Grant (from Amyot)
Tomas Knotek (from Stransky)
Pascal Amyot (from Knotek)

Three stars were:
1-SHA - Lalonde-McNicoll, C├ędric
2-SHA - Pistilli, Matthew
3-HAL - Amyot, Pascal

*doh - I originally messed up the score
. I am clearly kinda fucked up right now.


wrap around curl said...

What are garlic fingers? I want some...

Pender plus Boland equals Bender?

Big Pimpin Faces is the best description of that face ever.

Q-girl said...

ohhhh Bender. I will call them that for the next *takes out fingers...counts remaining games*.