Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to

So the blog turned 1 year old today. As a gift the Moose gave me an 8-4 loss to the Quebec Remparts. Wait....the Moose scored 4 goals! Amazing. Why can't they do that more often?

They also gave me an intermission interview with Jessyko to make me happy. Shannon asked him what the weirdest thing he ever ate was, and I swear I heard him say dick... but I don't think he actually said that. If he did say that I would have married him there on the spot for sharing my twisted sense of humor.

Since it is the blog's birthday I get to give props to whatever fool I deem worthy of cookies and so today I am giving them to Jessyko because he may put bad things in his mouth (or bad words in mine), his macarena is criminal and he wears pimpin' white shoes.

Out of the lineup:
  • 7 D dressed tonight
  • Charles Bety is out with a bad wrist from a shot block gone horribly wrong
  • Jessyko was out with a wonky shoulder
  • Pelletier has an eternally wonky knee
  • Dunn is out because Cam is jealous of his singing voice and because Bona doesn't want me to feel 'in a loving way' with any more defencemen.

Game Program survey:

  • Smartest guy/Nicest guy/Guy you would let your sister date - Ben MacAskill. Bona ties for nice guy.
  • Ladies man - Cheremetiev and Bona
  • Best Dressed - Louis-XVI and Bernard
  • Who would you want with you if you ran into a grizzly bear - Matt Boland because he is big and the bear would take a long time to eat him or Guillaume Pelletier because he has a fucked up knee and would be easier for the bear to catch
  • Best Nicknames - Ned O'Brien stole my nickname SpEd. I can also be called SexEd.
  • Biggest prankster - Yetman and Pender. That makes me VERY nervous.

  • Another short handed goal for the opposition
  • Remparts had 8 goals in 33 shots on net. 3 against Yetman (in 10) and 5 against Corbeil (in 23). Corbeil gets the loss.
  • Halifax had 4 goals in 40 shots on net, all against Jonathan Roy. They could have had more...if they could put the puck into an empty/completely open net.
  • Quebec were 1/3 on the PP.
  • Halifax were 0/4 on the PP and really enjoy passing.

  • The first Remparts goal was a weird angle. Yetman was really hugging the post. I have no idea how/where it went in.
  • The second goal bounced off of Bona and into the net as he was coming in to clear the puck moving across the crease. Terribly unfortunate.
  • The third goal was on a breakaway with a shot that went high glove side.
  • Falling down was common
Delayed reaction times were also VERY common. For example:
Grant was like "Where is the puck? Oh I have it! In my skatey things .......................
..................................................maybe I should do something about that!"

  • Mathieu allowed a goal on his first shot. I shed a single tear. Some slutty 5-holeness ensued.
  • Jonathan Roy is not so fancy. He is lucky he has a singing career to fall back on (see Jessyko, I know sarcasm too).
  • Stransky and Knotek were soooo close once. Knotek blocked Roy's clearing attempt, and passed to Stransky but Stransky could not get it in the net.
  • Our passing also makes me cry. It is better if you don't pay attention sometimes.
  • The feistiness would come and go. The Moose had some shifts totally ripe with blah, but would then pick it up again. Sometimes they try so hard but just don't have the skill to get it done. All this failure makes my nurturing side kick in.
  • Boland got in a fight with Reiber. Reiber was all fleshy. Boland should have punched him in the fleshy bits instead of going for the head. Reiber took a shot on Boland when he was down - and got his ass kicked out of the game.
  • Linden Bahm was a sexy beast in the first period.
  • O'Brien had a WIDE open net but missed.
  • Even if I don't talk about it just assume that the Moose were turning over the puck like a whore turns tricks. It is just what they do. A bitch has gotta get paid.

Moose goals:
Cheremetiev (O'Connor and Piette)
Piette (Cheremetiev and Desjardins)
Desjardins (Piette)
Stransky (Knotek)

Remparts goals:

Stefanovich (Monast and Kugryshev) - power play
Allard (Tessier)
Stefanovich (Roy and Allard)
Breault (Marshall and Kugryshev)
Groulx - short handed
Stefanovich (Neron and Allard)
Stafanovich (Monast and Allard)
Genest (Loisel and Roy)

  1. QUE - Stefanovich, Mikhail
  2. QUE - Allard, Jean-Simon
  3. HAL - Piette, Alexis

Baie Comeau - no points
Val d'Or - no points
Lewiston - 2 points - BOOOOO

Edit - news links:
Matthew Wuest - High Octane team takes a bite out of Herd's playoff hopes
and there is a picture. What did I tel you about all the empty nets?
Willy Palov - Moose overpowered


eyebleaf said...

Happy Bloggage Birthday.

A toast...

Q-girl said...

thanks. this blog was soooooo important for me to write. The world was missing the opinions of a lady perv who enjoys juniour hockey.

I am ready to receive my gifts of appreciation now, the only question is which young goalie (including exes) will deliver them? Gifts = sexual favors. I hope Travis Fullerton can read.

Jenn Casey said...

That game made me so terribly sad. It did however push me to buy extra 6$ beers. Maybe this is all part of Bobby Smith's evil plan to up concession profits.


On the upside HAPPIEST BLOGGY BIRFTDAAY! The Passtime's 1-year is this week as well. IT seems we all get cabin fever and start blogs in February. haha

Q-girl said...

Oh Jenn. Thanks for the b-day wishes. I reciprocate.

Sadly I was not drinking, at least not booze, but I did have a hot chocolate and my very own clumsy 'mooseheads-like moment'. I opened 2 creamers to add to my HC. I was holding both in the same hand when I proceeded to dump one into my HC... causing the other to spill all over the floor. What seems like a good idea at the time resulted in acts of extreme boobitude. This is me - living life, the Mooseheads way.

Jenn Casey said...

hahahahaha. sigh. tear.