Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Please take note

PEI are updating their website. I made a post a long long time ago about why the Mooseheads website sucks...and how our team promotions suck. I had started a post on how the promotional team can improve the website but never finished because I was lazy and it required more work than simply telling boys to lick me.

This is what PEI will be doing:

· “This is my Civic Centre” rotating promo videos – every time you visit the PEI Rocket website, you will be greeted by a new video of one of the Rocket Players in their creative “This is my Civic Centre” videos.

· Next Game Videos – For every upcoming home game, we will have a message from a Rocket player promoting each upcoming game and any important special events associated with each game.

· Last Game Video Highlights – complete with audio from Corey Arsenault, each game will features highlights that will be shown on the website shortly after each home game.

In the very near future, additional video components will be added that will include:

· Player Profile Videos – designed to allow fans to get to know the players. These are 2-3 minute vignettes of each of our players that are currently shown at home games between periods.

· Introduction Videos – each player has a very brief intro video highlighting their name, number, position and hometown.

We want the website to be a place where our fans can be kept up to date on anything that is happening with the PEI Rocket. Although many new additions have been added to the site, the old favorites are still there as well, including.

· Launchpad E-Newsletter signup

· Player Appearance Program request form

· News Section

· Information on all of the Rocket players

· And much more…

PEI PEOPLE!!! It is a sad day when PEI are one-upping us; and have you seen the Eagles website? It is magnificently beautiful. The boy in the background changes all the time. Moncton have a blog as well as a history record for all players...what an ingenious idea. The Mooseheads could have done this to help celebrate players from the past 15 years, you know, for the great 15th season promotion.

They are promoting their players...because when you can't promote a win, then you turn to the next best thing - the shiny young dreamy things that play the game. Fucking brilliant. I want to watch porno videos of my players - oops, I mean promo videos.

We haven't even updated our videos since last year.

Who the fuck is Bryce Swan? What is a Voracek? I see no Voraceks on the roster! YouTube wha? RSS feed - that is crazy talk!!! I can't take naughty cell phone pictures. I am old... I can't deal with this shit!!!

edit - Holy crap- you can get PEI player posters for your bedroom wall people. Not my thing, but still... I have no goalies to kiss when I go to bed. Come to think of it, I need to buy a Nadeau 11x17 poster stat!


"Dave Schultz" said...

oh god. my team needs a new website too. complete overhaul. they should put me in charge of that. and pay me to do it.

Q-girl said...


"Dave Schultz" said...

what the crap.

the only time you can get player posters for AMS is you have to buy poster sized photos for like $30 or something ridiculous. Or I can make my hot pictures into posters...

Q-girl said...

If you put Fadden on your wall and make babies with some oaf while looking at Fadden, the babies will come out looking like Fadden. True story, the bible says so.

"Dave Schultz" said...

I may have to test this theory. And it must be true if the bible says so.

Q-girl said...

At least that is what you tell the oaf. "Honey, I don't know what you mean. No, OUR baby does not look like Marty Brodeur!"