Friday, January 9, 2009

Don't rock the boat

Tonight the Moose were on the road to take on the Baie-Comeau Drakkar.

Sitting out for the Moose are:
Justin Pender (hip)
Guillaume Pelletier (lower body / knee?)
Jessyko Bernard (groin)
Jan Stransky (suspended)

Graham Bona was playing on forward, and a semi-recovered Ned O'Brien is back in the lineup, despite having been physically ravaged by a serious flu.

I took a look at the new team line-up:
Current average age = 18.16
Average age before trades = 18.29
I think. I could show my work and double check my math, but meh, there is a reason no one should read this blog. It is not high quality hockey analysis. High quality eyebrow analysis, maybe, but hockey.... not so much. Ohhh we got sooo much younger; I almost feel like a child molester... almost. 0.13 of a year. That would make the Moose, like, a whole 1-2 months younger.

This could explain why we are the same shitty Mooseheads (see how I insert myself in there as a 'we' like I have something to do with the miraculous poopification of my team) that we were before X-mas. The kinda team that loses 7-2.

Not bad. The Drakkar get a goal on a 5 on 3 by Goulet, with assists by Lessard and Petit. I can live with a 5 on 3 goal... not the fact that we gave them a 5 on 3 opportunity though.

Piette gets a goal to tie it up but immediately afterwards Yetman lets in an unassisted softie by Kalin Paul, Paul's second of the year. No matter how this ends - no cookies for Yeti. It has been declared.

Then the Drakkar get another, by Villeneuve, on a wraparound or similar 'behind the net shenanigans'. The Moose are allowing goals by a bunch of guys who do not normally get goals. ohhh hoorah. This is followed instantly by a high glove side goal, by Mimar, though I have to wonder why that Drakkar player was just allowed to skate in like that with the puck... what the fuck defence? Three goals in 3 minutes. bah *hand gestures*.

The nets themselves are playing their own game of 'just the tip'. They must be, because the posts keep slipping off the... whatever the fuck those things are called. Damn.

A BREAKAWAY right off the next face-off gets the Drakkar up 5-1. Yetman seemed to be way off to the side, Goulet just stepped around him. Someone's goalie brain must be broken. As per-usual, the coaching staff waits until it is too late, and the game is too far out of reach, to swap netminders. 5 goals allowed in 16 shots.

Drakkar get a 2 on 1 - followed by another goal, this time on Corbeil. Why am I torturing myself? I need a drink. Gin or Baileys?

Frankly...I was not paying attention. Except... stop it with the fucking penalties, because penalties = powerplays for them = goals. Guess what - yeah, Drakkar goal. Well, the Moose did get a goal in the third (welcome back Desjardins baby), but at 7-2 it all seems a little bit pointless.

MacAskill gets all the cookies, at least for periods 1 and 2, which I was watching. If he would like he can share with Amyot. Why Mac, you ask:
  • A big hit about 10 minutes into the first
  • What peeps don't respect about MacAskill is that he does a fairly good job bringing the puck down the ice, as he did on the Moose's 2nd pp.
  • In the second he was battling on the boards to get the puck, which, once we did get the puck, lead to a rush down ice and Piette's goal. Our first of the game.
  • Later, he was battling for the puck while on his knees.
  • The assist on Desjardins' goal.
  • Being a +2 in a game in which there were 7 goals against.
  • My girlfriend A.N. would want it that way. She calls him fluffy.

PS. I chose Baileys.

Edit - Oh yeah. The team released 17 year old Ryan Matheson back to the MJAHL's Restigouche Tigers. Dear Ryan, please pet Stefan Dumaresque for me.

Edit2 - Wuest's game review.


wrap around curl said...

Eyebrows are essential in hockey. Some people do not understand this.

Q-girl said...

Is that the key? Do I have to hold my team down and tweeze the hell out of their eyebrows?

"Dave Schultz" said...

Bailey's huh? I can respect that.

Q-girl said...

I was the boy's choice. I did not want to move. He fetched me drinks (just the kinda guy I need). My excuse for such extreme laziness will be flu recovery + dog related sorrows.

wrap around curl said...

My family enjoys making their own Baileys. They are cost-effective drinkers.