Thursday, January 8, 2009

Goodbye Richard Greer

We hardly knew ye.

Richard has been reassigned to his EJHL team. According to Wuest:
The 6-footer is a former second-round pick of the Mooseheads but has struggled to gain weight, despite yeoman training efforts. Management still has Greer in its plans, but there isn't room for him at present and he'll get more ice time in the EJHL.
Despite sticking with the team, seventeen year old Greer has played in only 10 of 41 Mooseheads games so far this season, and only 13 of 70 games last season, with 0 points in his 23 career games.

It seems as if the defensive corps is staying old. MacAskill hasn't gone anywhere, and appears to be set to play on a line with Amyot for upcoming games. It is expected that one more defenceman will be cut before this weekend's deadline.

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Anonymous said...

Oh dear, hang in there my fuzzy little #27.