Saturday, November 15, 2008

Two of three in three: Wasn't that our Power Play?

The Moose took on the Chicoutimi Sagueneens in Chicoutimi tonight at the Centre Georges Vezina. Mathieu Corbeil got the start for the Mooseheads while Alex MacDonald (D), Ryan Matheson (D), Matt Boland (LW-this is his prize for getting a goal last game), and Charles Bety (C -Dear Hockey Gods, why must this kid sit so much?) sat out for the Moose. Logan is, of course, still not playing because he is at home nursing injuries.

Sean Coulton is in net for the Sags, Lévesque is backing him up.

The Sags start the scoring on a short-handed break-away. That was supposed to be OUR Power play. So not only can the Moose not get goals on their own power play, but… *time for a valium*

Moose goal by the CBK line: the goal resulted from a sharp-angle shot by Cheremetiev. Bernard and McDonald get the assists.

Jessyko Bernard gets a goal. His 7th of the season, tied for most goals on the team with his linemates Knotek and Cheremetiev, who each also have 7. The Moose take the lead and Corbeil is doing an excellent job keeping us in it. Through 40 minutes of play he has faced 18 shots, allowing only one goal.

Which makes me think: no, not deep thoughts about hockey and stuff, not thoughts about why Yetman keeps getting starts, or why Randell never sits out a game. What I really wonder is: WTF is a “jessyko”? I am not making fun of his name, it’s a cool name…in fact I think I may be imaginarily falling in love with this kid, but when I google search just the word “jessyko”, all I get are results about Jessyko Bernard, a bunch of dogs named Jessyko (stud Saint Bernards, ruff), some foreign language stuff and these videos. Spice up my life indeed.

If you can’t tell by now, I am not really paying attention to the game.

When I do, I discover that somehow the Moose are down 3-2. Two goals by Painchaud, one of which was an unassisted short-handed goal. The Moose have had 4 power-plays with no power-play goals. The Sags have had 2 power-plays with no power-play goals. They seem to do better in a short-handed situation. I mean, really guys…REALLY. You are ALL sleeping on the sofa tonight…all but Bernard and Corbeil. Jessyko can wear his star- rawr sexy.

Champagne gets an empty-net goal with 21 seconds to go. Always a killer. If we can’t get a PP goal what makes us think we can get a 6 on 5 goal?

The Sags defeat the Mooseheads 4-2, after coming from behind to get three goals in the 3rd. Coulton stops 20 of 22 shots for the win while Corbeil makes 25 saves on 28 shots (or 30 shots + 1 ENG...we are missing a shot somewhere...lost in translation, blame the Q game tracker) and gets the loss.

The game stars are:
CHI - Painchaud, Olivier
CHI - Rioux, Sébastien
HAL - Bernard, Jessyko

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