Saturday, November 15, 2008

One of three in three: A Piss Poor blog post

The Mooseheads are on the road, having taken on the Baie Comeau Drakkar last night. This is the second game of a five game road trip and the first of a weekend three in three. Yetman was in nets for the Moose, while Marek Benda and Cousineau both stood watch for the Drakkar. MacMillan is still out with a knee injury while forwards Snow and Desjardins, and defencemen Matheson and Greer sit out for the Moose.

I tune in late only to discover that the Mooseheads are down – 2 goals (Laroche and Goulet) on 3 shots in three and a half minutes. The Laroche goal was a PP marker goal on a Knotek penalty. Boo. I quit my team.

I go to the kitchen, because I am baking my road-tripping boyfriend(s) a banana bread. I consider burning it. Then I return just in time to discoverer that the Mooseheads have magically gone up 3-2. What the hell? They must smell the banana bread. Excellent noses on those boys. Apparently the first goal was by Knotek (from Pender) at 13:56, possibly an attempt to make up for his earlier penalty, the second was by Bernard (from Knotek and Cheremetiev) at 14:48 and the last was by Gerad Grant unassisted at 17:30. All were even strength.

Honestly…you miss 5 minutes of a hockey game and madness ensues. I am beginning to think that my watching brings bad luck.

This Cheremetiev, Knotek, Bernard line is amazing. They have some real chemistry. Will they be broken up when MacMillan returns? My guess: most likely. In Moose Universe solid line combinations are fairly short lived.

Cousineau replaces Benda in nets for the start of the second period. Pender and Trembley fight early (very early) in the second. Did they really need to fight? Pender is kinda essential. It is not always good to be sitting in the box for 5 when the team needs defence.

Moose get a PP -Bona carries the puck cleanly down the ice and deep into the Drakkar zone but then we lost the puck, allowing the Drakkar get a two-on-two during our PP. Bernard does a good job breaking up a cross ice pass and taking the puck back out of the Moose zone. We are still unable to get a goal in the PP – this is a HUGE problem.

The Drakkar get a two on one…but they really suck at opportunizing. They stop and think, then start to write an essay detailing their next move…they lose the puck. Hey I’m not complaining. The Drakkar are really messy tonight. It took them forever to notice the puck had left the Moose zone and they were all offside. By the time they realized this, the Moose were down in the Drakkar zone. If they have a female blogger she is likely baking them pot brownies.

I can smell the Banana bread. I decide the boys deserve it (it is rich in Vitamin K)...I shouldn't let it burn. I go to check on it and while I am on my way down the stairs I can hear: "Drakkar get a goal". Damn. Why have I missed every goal this game. I am going back downstairs to the kitchen…magic happens when I am there. Oh…all I am doing is thinking of leaving and we get a goal.

Matt Boland from Earle and Bety. In only two games Boland is 2/3 of the way to matching his 3 year career points total of 1 goal and 2 assists.

On a 4th PP we are having a hard time keeping the puck in the Drakkar zone. I don’t like when the other team is getting shots on our net during our PP. Bona carries the puck all the way in. DEEP. Then he is out of position when he should be on the point. Is this a problem? I think this is a problem.

Moose get a PP when the Drakkar get caught with too many men on the ice. We just had two exciting end-to-end chances: the Drakkar had a break-out but as the puck neared the Moose net Yeti left the crease and poked it away, then the Moose picked it up for a reverse rush, allowing Piette to get a chance but Cousineau denied him.

Damn, with about 6 minutes left the Drakkar get a goal on their fourth PP to tie the game 4-4.

While I was distracted Yeti made the most spic-spectacular save. Why did Pender take a penalty in OT? Damn…Ouimet scores, Drakkar get a goal against a screened Yetman to win the game 5-4. The Drakkar have just jumped the Mooseheads in the league standings.

Team in need of a PP?
Honestly boys: 0 for 7. Two power play goals in the past 37 chances (???). We have a 15% efficiency. That is piss poor. This is one problem that no one can blame on Yetman.

Yetman: 5 Goals on 26 shots
Marek: 3 goals on 15 shots
Cousineau: 1 goal on 22 shots

BAC - Petit, FĂ©lix
BAC - Ouimet, Maxime
HAL - Knotek, Tomas

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