Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sea Dogs will make me happy

This afternoon the Mooseheads will be taking on the Saint John Sea Dogs at Harbour Station in Saint John. The Dogs are on a roll right now, having just decimated shiny magical Moncton goaltender king Nicola Riopel, by putting 5 past him on 33 shots, and ultimately defeating Moncton last night in a shootout .

Prior to that they were on the road in Quebec, the telus West tour, and unlike the Mooseheads who left Quebec with 4 losses, the Sea Dogs came home after 4 road wins, a motivational chat with Mike Fisher, and a delictable greasy meal reward of pizza and chicken wings.

Where the Mooseheads had no players participating on Canada's team (Yuri played for Russia) for the ADT Canada-Russia Challenge, the Sea Dogs had four: Despres, Sauve, Grant and Anthony (in place for DiDomenico). Alex Grant was the player of the game for Canada, after Canada fell 4-3 to the Russians.

Right now the Sea Dogs are led in scoring by Toronto Maple Leafs prospect Christopher DiDomenico, who has 8 goals and 18 assists for 26 points in 20 games. My wee Caper sprig (Damn Caper-Dar), and favorite Sea Dogs forward Michael Kirkpatrick is leading the team in goals with 15 goals and 7 assists in 27 games; he is third overall in team scoring. Keven Charland is also up there with 19 points in 27 games.

New guy Alexei Dostoinov is fitting in really well, having just taken an injured DiDomenico's spot on the top line. The previously defective 20 year old forward Payton Liske has started to heat up as well, having recently earned a Q-offensive player of the week nomination following his efforts on the Quebec road trip.

Both Sauve and Despres are contributing more offensively this season, with Sauve now at 15 points (3G, 12A) in 22 games, and Despres leading the team in hits as well as tallying 1 goal and 13 assists in 27 games. Just this week past Simon was the Q's defensive player of the week. He also tops all Q players in Central scouting's most recent NHL draft list. Sea Dogs back-up goaltender Karel St-Laurent is 3rd in QMJHL draft eligable goaltenders.

Some stupid fans think the Moose could trade Logan MacMillan for Kirky +++ but those people are fools. The Dogs know what Kirky brings: goal scoring, defensive responsiblilty, excellent shadowy substance skillz, and he already fits in well with his team, chemistry wise. As a bonus he has another good 1.5- 2.5 years in the league (poor undrafted boy), unlike Logan who has only a half year remaining.

Moose vs Sea Dogs 30 minutes and counting. I do not have a boring life where I wait for hockey to happen...I am stuck on a microscope for hours on end, and in the meantime I can watch hockey. OK I admit it, I have a boring life, on a microscope, I am a total poindextress and I quit my goalie which makes me sad. Some life choices are painful and difficult, but better for you in the long run. I am currently -1 goalie friend and I have no goalie prospects lined up. I lose - but better goalieless than feeling like a fool on a daily I guess ultimately I win.

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