Saturday, October 4, 2008

That was mean

Dearest Yeti
I am sorry. I was walking the dog this morning and I found you out sleeping under the step like a homeless cur. You are not a two bagger. It was just plain mean of me to say that. I think it was a delayed Tourettes-like response to your comment in last weeks game program where you told the world you were good looking. Maybe you were joking, maybe it was tongue in cheek like when Ryan Sparling said he liked Laguna Beach and figure skating (please tell me that was a joke) in last year's Sea Dogs profiles.

No, you are perfectly cute. See. This is you sitting at the bench looking kinda cute. You do not want to be the guy sitting at the bench just looking cute, now do you?
Yes, sometimes you look kinda cute. You look cuter when you play well. Mind you, you will never be that hot guy who works in the Second cup at the Dalhousie library. He has the spriggin'ist nose and the most delightfully pouty upper lip. I would shove the entire Mooseheads roster down a flight of stairs if they stood between me and my chance to nibble his lips.

Please play better today.

Your reluctant lover


wrap around curl said...

I forgot to bring home my program last night. The back page had the Q&A with Tokarski. He said he wanted to see the Spice Girls in concert. That almost makes me love him more. Joke or not.

Q-girl said...

i think that Robert Mayer said his favorite band was the spice girls...i figured it was just his being "european" that gave him weird taste in music.