Friday, August 1, 2008

Other Q News and Links

Antoine Tardif has been feeling fine. The former Bathurst goaltender, who was injured early in January and underwent ankle surgery during the offseason to correct a torn ligament, has gotten back on his skates. Tardif was officially traded to the Volts just prior to the QMJHL draft, and has recently been on ice practicing with Marco Marciano, goaltending coach of the Drummondville Voltigeurs.

Sadly, Marco's tenure with the QMHJL is almost at an end. Marco, former goaltending coach of the Screaming Eagles, and present coach with the Volts, will be joining hockey Canada before the start of next season.

The Tigres are turning me on. The La Nouvelle/ L'Union has posted some video from Victoriaville Tigres goaltending training sessions. There is more info on the Tigres goaltending situation here. I could watch goalies all day. I could honestly just sit there watching them deflecting puck after puck into the corner. Dear GOD it is so HAWT. The video even features a weird variation on the goalie mating dance - going into the butterfly and some lateral movement exercises.

I am all frisky now. Where is Travis Fullerton? I need satisfaction! I need him, his cross crease wiggle, and his naughty moustache right now! YOU *spank* ARE *spank* SUCH *spank* A *spank* NAUGHTY *spank* NAUGHTY *spank* NAUGHTY *spank* BOY *spank*. No, thinking about him totally did not help ease the just made it worse.

Speaking of Sea Dogs, now that the Canadian IIHF under 20 training camp is complete it is time for the under 18 camp to begin. Sea Dogs Simon Despres and Steven Anthony are invited. According to an article published today in the Telegraph Journal, my favorite little-big defenceman Simon Despres (whom I want to kidnap in an attempt to re-wombinate him) now has 215 lbs on his 6'3" frame. This will make for exceptionally difficult re-wombinating considering that I am only 5'1 and 105 lbs. 17 year old Centreman Steven Anthony is currently weighing in at 208 lbs and is 6'2".

Did you notice that I have an extreme fascination with boys that are at least 1 foot taller than me? I just thought I would point that out. The taller the better!


wrap around curl said...

Spanking should be part of the training regimen. I will assist.

wrap around curl said...

And I also adore men a lot taller than I. I being 5'2" adore the 6 foot and up. I dated a guy once who was about 6'4". It was lovely.

Q-girl said...

mmmmmm 6'2"
I ooogle every tall well toned boy I see. What I like and what I get are two totally different creatures. All of my boyfriends have been under 6 ft. However, I once had a tall "friend" who was very nice indeed...that was before he went bald. Hair is also nice.

Fullerton needs lots of spankings. He just looks so naughty.

When he comes here with the University of NB I will have to share him with only a couple hundred people...not the couple thousand that I had to share him with in the QMJHL. I could do lots more dirty things to him with only a few hundred watching.