Friday, August 1, 2008

Arg Arg Arg some more

More news from Wuest.

As reported in Metro Halifax today, Bryce Swan is getting a look from the Detroit Red Wings as a free-agent tryout. But what's to become of Pier-Olivier Pelletier?

Pelletier was close to earning a contract with the Red Wings as a free-agent tryout last fall, but the Red Wings decided to send him back to junior for another year. He was immediately shipped from Drummondville to Halifax to play for the Mooseheads, where his season flopped.

By mid-February, backup Mark Yetman had taken over, and Pelletier found himself on the bench for the entire playoff run while Yetman sparkled.

Needless to say, Pelletier doesn't appear to have any NHL takers this season, and that might mean starting at an American Hockey League camp and working his way up.

See this is exactly what I was talking about. Does Wuest read my blog? HaHa sucker - I am so useless no one should be reading my tripe.

Oohhhh poor P-O!!! Cooooooooo. I have sooooo missed coooooing at you. I do adore you so! Your situation sucks more than life itself. Being my pretty pretty cooo liebe is the only thing you have to live for...that and your actual life. Do carry on!

I sooooo have a rant. I do! I just can't formulate it right now. It involves me using my mad 'looking up stats skills' and I rant on about how someone else is neigh but a douche with the worlds most boring 'game', but it is supper time and I have to eat.

I am soooo going to edit this post later.

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