Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mom, Nathan stole my candy!

The Asylum is reporting (that the Journal de Montreal is reporting) that some Q team has made a 10 year contract offer to Ted Nolan. Just click the link already.

I am always super slow at reporting Titan news, but there was a little article about the team's new look in last week's The Northern Light.

The Hza is a recently single lady. Following the breakup, and in the subsequent dividing of assets that followed, her EX took their NHL team (and the Yann Sauve that comes with it). She needs a new NHL team to give her lovin' to. If you can construct a well reasoned argument as to why she should join you in supporting your favorite NHL team, then write her and tell her. That is unless you are a Pens fan. The pens need not apply.


alix said...

Mmmmmm! Yann Sauve is a piece! I'm having sad thoughts about him being only 18...but glad the Canucks drafted him.

Q-girl said...

I have learned to stop feeling bad about ooogling 18 year olds.