Tuesday, July 15, 2008

MacMillan gets his Money

Logan MacMillan has signed a three year deal with the Ducks. I know this must be true because Wuest told me so and even the Ducks told me so. Finally, Logan news that I am not 3 weeks late in reporting on.

This makes Logan 1000x smarter than teammate Bryce Swan, oops I mean :<[), who would not sign with the Ducks, did not get re-drafted, and has not been invited to any NHL development camps.

Dear Logan,
Do you remember when I said I loved you? Of all the 'stars' on our team you were the scrappiest, not the yappiest. This is good because being all yap and no scrap will get you nowhere, and yap alone will most certainly not get you a date with Q girl. Furthermore, you did all the things I like, like fight and be excellently defencey. I salivate in the very presence of a good two-way forward.

When you take me on a date, because you feel the need to spend some of your hard earned moola in celebration, may I suggest you not show up in makeup (ugh those draft pics). I don't care if you have pimples as long as you are sporting a nice, well tailored suit.

I am a classy lady, none of that East Side Mario's or Applebees for me. No really, I am dead serious. Who in this town serves wild game besides Halliburton House? Maybe we can make it a meal at Onyx, something with truffle shavings, maybe a little duck or lamb, and one of those pricey wines recommended by Brad Richards. You know Brad right, he is that other guy from PEI. Oh yeah, and if you can finagle it, bring Brad too. You know I'm down like that.

Anyway darling, if Onyx is not your thing, I hear the steaks at Cut are good and they serve Foie Gras (with port reduction). Port reduction on my foie gras!!! Yeah, I think Cut is totally the place to go.

Love and "signing bonus fueled kisses with tongue"

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