Thursday, June 5, 2008

QMJHL Draft News

There are 18 players from New Brunswick projected to go in this years Q draft. Dieppe native Alex Noel is projected to go in the first round.

Sean Couturier, the son of Acadie-Bathurst GM Sylvain Couturier is also projected to go in the first round, 2nd overall. Sean, is a 6' 3" 185 pound centreman. He has received phone calls from both the Moncton Wildcats who own the first overall pick, and the Volts who hold the second overall pick. You can read more about Couturier at the T&T.

The Metro has a good guide on Nova Scotian players projected to go in the draft. They mostly concentrate their efforts on Boys from the HRM.

Tyler Noseworthy a forward for the Jr A Pictou County Weekes Crushers is expected to be a 4th round pick. Oh my, he looks like a basket of puppies, a huge basket of puppies. A tall basket containing 195-pounds of puppy. Nice. Dear Moose - basket of puppies (points at Noseworthy), me wants.

Honestly who couldn't use a boy who says this:
“I could’ve stayed another year in midget and put up big numbers, but I learned a lot about the junior game here. This was the type of role I’d play in the Q — checking, working hard, playing good defence.”
Moose, don't make me throw a hissyfit. I will do it. I did it once as a child in 'the Bay' when I did not get the stuffed dog I wanted for Christmas. Yes, I am a brat. Yes, I do embarrass myself... frequently.

Bradley MacDonald a small (5'8) stocky centreman who plays for the Dartmouth subways is described as a character two way forward. Dear Moose- no midgets please.

The Cape Breton Post has some stories on Cape Breton boys such as Logan Shaw of Glace Bay and PEI's Brandon Gormley a 6'3, 183 lb defenseman. There is also an article about Gormley in PEI's the Guardian.

There are no stories about the Newfs. I love the Newfs (mentally hugs Whitey).

Since the Draft is being hosted in Cape Breton this year, the Cape Breton Post is chock full of stories:
The Q has landed
Quebec Players dominate first rounders in draft.
Roy ready for the task at hand

Also, the Moose are keeping Jakub Voracek on our protected list even though he is not likely to play in the QMJHL next season. This means we will not get a pick at the Euro draft in July.

Robert Slaney has won yet another smarty pants award. This time it is the Guy Lafleur Award for (outstanding Achievement in the Field of) Excellence. Robert Slaney makes the nerd in me all frisky. The newf in me (thanks great grandma O'Neill) is pretty frisky too . But I am already getting a lot of hot scientist nerd on nerd action. It could be femme Scientist on Hockey player action, but boyfriend won't put the gear on for me - Boo. It just sits there in the closet, tempting, teasing; and I tolerate this only because he does not play goal.

There is a new article about the Sea Dogs in the T&T. This is the first year in three years that the Dogs do not have the first overall pick. In the past three years the dogs have picked "stud defenseman" Grant, Sauve and Despres, rowrrrr (hey the T&T described them as such, not me, although I do concur). Gods, I love the Sea Dogs (wiggles fingers).

Bitches better have one of those jersey auctions next year and they damn well better put another Fully jersey on the block. I was so sure I won that damn jersey and yet somehow, no. I want my DAMN FULLERTON JERSEY. If I don't get a jersey, can you at least send the boy? It's not like you can use him Sea Dogs, he is too old now. I want the hairy, scruffy, messy, dirty looking version of Fullerton, please. Ohhhh spankings. Fully, do you remember when you knocked my socks off? Yeah, well I still can't find my socks - or my panties. Have you seen your eyes? I mean, God Damn, look at you, no really, look at you (starts stripping), sometimes a girl just can't help herself. Maniacal laughter and goalie straddling ensues.

My real boyfriend totally appreciates the effects of my Fullerton induced fits of *******.


"Dave Schultz" said...

omg. you're killing me. I was gonna pic my favorite line from today's post and say "hay, this is funny shit" but it would be most of the post. atta kid.

Q-girl said...

There is no word to describe the effect that Travis Fullerton has on me. It is beyond ....

Thanks for thinking I'm funny.I am currently drunk, i find it charming!

Anonymous said...

Can you not get over this Fullerton thing you have? He is no longer a Sea Dog, he is a lowly Squirrel. Drunk or not that is just wrong.

I could understand if you pictured him crossing on Robby Street and purposely running him over, that is to be expected. I dream of Fullerton doing the same thing all the time. I see the X X for eyes and a big red tail with tire tracks matting the fur ever so perfectly. Oh the dreams.