Saturday, June 21, 2008

NHL Draft: Rounds 1 & 2

The televised first round of the NHL draft was so delightfully pleasant that I couldn't wait to fall asleep to dream about it. was just that exciting. Luke Schenn's mom was dreamy. Even dreamier was Nikita Filatov (and his mom). I want to put Filatov in my mouth and roll him around on my tongue. He probably sparks like POP rocks.

...and yet, no QMJHL players were chosen in the first round. I must admit it is all my fault. The new favorite snack of children is fruit and I keep on insisting that my Q players eat cookies. So unhealthy. All things considered, I am still perplexed by how the NHL can resist the awesome power of Maxime Sauve's eyebrows.

Now it is Saturday morning and we are early in round 2 and ....motherfucker - Jake Allen goes second round at 34th overall. This is a kid who backstopped his team to a whopping 9 regular season wins - 9. WAKE UP PEOPLE of ST. LOUIS - you are taking a huge risk. Y'all better hope you are not getting another Antoine Lafleur.

  • Forward Nick Deschamps of Chicoutimi has been drafted by Anaheim 35th overall.
  • Dreamy defenceman Yann Sauve of the Saint John Sea Dog has been picked up by Vancouver with the 41st pick. Vancouver likes 'em handsome.
  • Buffalo decided that sometimes big guys are worth it and selected Fog Devils/ Montreal Jr forward Luke Adam with the 44th overall pick.
  • Boston was weak in the knees for Maxime Sauve's eyebrows, so they selected him 47th overall. Boston is also quite keen on picking up kids from the Q. Two players from this year's Mooseheads team have contracts with Boston (Bodnarchuk, Marchand)
  • Holy hell in a handbasket. The NJ devils picked up a Q-boy! NJ gets Rimouski Centreman Patrice Cormier at 54. Patrice played 51 games this year with 18 G and 21 A.
  • Defenseman Marco Scandella of the Val d'Or is bunkin' with Shep and the Wild at #55
  • Lewiston goaltender Peter Delmas has been selected by Colorado with their 61st pick. Who'da thunkit that Colorado would be smarter than St. Louis. Wait? What? Owie my brain!
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In the Flames: a Chief! Mitch Wahl. Terrifying teeth.