Saturday, June 21, 2008

NHL Draft: The rest of the best

Be forewarned ...I will be updating this post as I see fit

Round 3:

  • Atlanta picks scrappy Danick Paquette of the Lewiston Maineiacs with their 64th. He and former Lewy teammate Chad Denny can now get all up in a tree together - in Atlanta.
  • Philly likes us, they really like us. # 67 is for 19 year old defenceman Marc-Andre Bourdon of the Rouyn-Noranda Huskies. Bourdon is an offensive defenceman, he has been waiting by his phone for years. *ring ring* - yes Andre we do love you!
  • Everybody loves Mathieu Brodeur. He is a sweet little big thing, and soooooo sensitive. He is our big teddy bear. What girl doesn't want a 6'5" defenceman who will cry on her shoulder? Wayne Gretzky feels the same way, which is why the Coyotes picked him 76 overall.
  • Oh me Oh My!!! Goaltender Marco Cousineau of the Drakkar has been drafted at #83 by Anaheim. Before Poulin (deservedly so) before Robert Mayer (also deservedly so) and before Tokarski (strangely enough). Marco is a low hype, low maintenance kinda guy but he does deserve his props. I dislike Marco for one reason and one reason only - he looks like one of my ex- boyfriends (one of the Evil ones). Marco was a workhorse this season. He had 35 wins and 19 losses, with a 2.81 GAA and a 0.903 save %. A 2.81 GAA is good for the Q - trust me. Just please don't look at his stats from 2006-2007 ...unless you want a good cry.
There has still been no Tessier, no Legace, no Stefanovich (projected 2nd round) and still no Scandella, Champagne, Cornet or Groulx. Apart from Bourdon and Marco Cousineau going as high as the 3rd round there are really no Q related surprises. Come-on Knotek (fingers crossed li'l buddy) .

Round 4:

  • Samuel Groulx at last. Skinny little Sam (can I call you Sam?) goes to San Jose at #92.
  • Groulx's Quebec Remparts teammate, import centreman Mikhail Stefanovich, has been drafted 98th by Toronto. This is killing the fans of Quebec, like little knives in their hearts.
  • Jordon Southorn of the PEI (just 1) Rocket has been selected 104th overall by Buffalo. He is offensively minded with 12 G and 19A. Unfortunately, he was a -10 for the regular season... but maybe that is not his fault, PEI did lack some bill paying skills. Still - I hate to see a D in the red. Southorn has made the jump up the list, from #122 among NA skaters to #104.
  • the CBJ are sooooo smart. I love the CBJ. They have chosen gigantico defenceman Steven Delisle of the President's cup winning Gatineau Olympiques with their 107 pick. I am shaking my fists violently with joy.
  • Colorado picks wee sprig Kelsey Tessier (a maritime boy - awww shucks) at #110. I was starting to get worried. I looked everywhere for Tessier - under the bed, in the bed (nope not there), in the catfood, under the cat. He was nowhere to be found. Then I checked my boot - the 4 inch stiletto one. He was all curled up in there sleeping. Draft day is exhausting.

I just had thoughts - weird, I know. We traded the rights to Maxime Sauve for Marchand - both boys are now Boston picks. Let's see which one makes the team first shall we *evil laugh*. The Mooseheads fans will be bitching for YEARS about this. YEARS and YEARS and YEARS. We hold a huge grudge. You know I can hold a grudge becase of the Cousineau thing - I mean, I dated the guy that looks like Cousineau 10 years ago and I still HATE him. It is all fun and games until somebody loses an eyebrow (hopefully Marchand - his eyebrows are fug).

Montreal picked up a 6'8" goalie. I am drooling all over myself - that is almost ...Chara sized. Un-fucking believable. I don't now if a goalie that big can actually function - I thought the skill dropoff started at 6'4".

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