Saturday, June 7, 2008

Draft Day Part 2 - A crazy girl gets crazier. Rounds 2-5.

Exciting things abound. There really are hockey Gods. Bobby Nadeau has been traded to the East, more specifically, to the PEI rocket. PEI also gets defenseman Maxime Provencher from the Sags. Mmmmmmm 4 home dates with Bobby Nadeau this year. It is just what I wanted. But what does this mean for Antoine LaFleur? PEI now have two 20 year old, and one 19 year old goalie.

Timarzipan Pielmeier has been traded to Shawinigan, which reminds me that Riki are DUMB in going for the Gouge over delicious German Timo.


"The Halifax Mooseheads take 5-foot-11, 172-pound forward Alex Lemieux from Charles-Lemoyne in the Quebec AAA ranks with the 39th overall pick." Another French kid and another forward, but they say he is a good two-way guy. Still no Ds. Ruh-roh, does this mean we are going for Ds in the 4th round…but my Noseworthy puppy is projected 4th round. You promised us both (me and Nose) that we would be together – Make it happen Moose.

Trade - Mathieu Gagnon going to Gatineau and Martin Lefebvre going to the Quebec Remparts.

"The Halifax Mooseheads select Jessyko Bernard at 69th overall. Bernard is a 6-foot-2, 190-pound winger from Cushing Acadmey prep school. He is from Dieppe, N.B. Bernard was ranked in the first five rounds last year but was passed over."

Bernard was projected to go 7th round and he is one of those NCAA kids, which means we should have taken him with one of our two 7th round picks and used our fourth round pick on, ummmm a fourth round kinda guy who wants to be here, like, ummmm NOSEWORTHY. Hey – that is not Noseworthy. Calm down, no one has Noseworthy yet!!! But we do not get another pick until the 7th round. UGH, also, three forwards Moose?– apparently we learned nothing last year about the importance of defense. Not that we would actually know what to do with a defenseman if we got one. It is just like how I would not know what to do with a 20 year old goalie if I actually got my hands on one. I’m all talk – no action!


The 5th round is done and no one has picked up Noseworthy yet. It is funny how you can make a shallow assessment of a guy, decide you want him for your team based on his size, some quotes and his eyebrows, then become obsessed with getting him. It is like wanting to win a lottery - Noseworthy has become a fun game for me. I always need something to obsess over, and without my crazy obsessive nature I would not be me. Also, it would be nice to have a 17 year old that we can add to our roster right away.

Sea Dogs have picked up:
52. Cole Harbour McCain forward Stephen MacAulay
69. Daddy's boy - Nathan Beaulieu.
79. Cheticamp forward (?) Kyle Dilosa

Cape Breton acquisitions and trades:
CB traded their 30th and 40th overall picks and eighth-rounder in 2009 to Gatineau for forward Michael Stinziani and the 85th overall pick. Stinziani is a fancy pick-up for CB.

49. Cape Breton trades Neil Sherren to Montreal - they use that pick on Morgan Ellis.
70. Forward Maximilien Le Sieur

85. Spencer MacDonald

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