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Draft day aftermath – Making more sense of the draft madness

There is so much news coming out of draft day that I cannot keep track of it all or even hope to put all the links on here. Your best bet is to check out the Cape Breton Post for news since Cape Breton hosted the draft. Their live blog was better than Wuest’s, which had some errors that I then copied onto my blog. For example - Wuest missed in reporting that Baby Beaulieu went to daddy’s team, so I had to update that after the fact. I thought you could only draft your own kid if you owned the team (eg. P. Roy, B. Smith). I am also sorry if I made any spelling mistakes on the boys names.

The best source for a complete draft list is, of course, the QMJHL website. All trades are listed here as well, but I will put them here re-ordered by the team who has made the acquisitions - because that makes the most sense. The crazy part is that apparently the Remparts made a total of 18 trades. Roy does have many bedfellows indeed.

The 1, 2, 3 picture is already available. If one thing is guaranteed for all of eternity, it is that as long as there are sports drafts we will get the 1,2,3 picture on draft day. There is an article on first overall pick Brandon Gormley from Charlottetown's 'the guardian' newspaper, and good coverage of the Saint John picks are available at the Sea Dogs website.

There is an article on Mooseheads draft picks here. Our team is weird – did we not interview Desjardins thoroughly before drafting him? He says I was very surprised they picked me because they had not talked to me at any time (before the draft)”

The Sprigginest boy selected in the first round was Victoriaville 3rd overall pick Brandon Hynes by a long shot. He is just a wee thing, but he is three kinds of puppy - possibly more. Dear Brandon Hynes, isn’t it great to be so darn cute (pinches cheeks). Sure, he is no Simon Despres (pinches Simon's cheeks and feeds him a cookie, a huge glass of milk, and another cookie) but we will live. Luckily for me, Moncton also drafted an absolutely adorable goalie – my favorite kind. Unfortunately, I will have to wait until training camp to see what the Mooseheads draft picks look like and what they can do.

I have added a sidebar with our picks in order, along with our 19 year old acquisition Bahm. Hopefully I can get some player links up soon:

· Gabriel Desjardins (F)
· Alex Lemieux (F)
· Jessyko Bernard (W)
· Ryan Matheson (D)
· Alex MacDonald (D)
· Kody Blois (G)
· Andrew O'Leary (W)
· Andrew Morrison (D)
· William Cloutier (D)


Non-Draft News:

Apparently Cape Breton Alum Dean Ouellett will be with U de M, and not the UNB-Moncton Varsity Reds as previously reported.

Same Boy, New Jersey Part II
This is a supplement to my previous trades post.

Paul Dorsey (from Val d’Or via Victoriaville) - Dorsey has had a hard old go of it, being shuttled between 4 teams in a year. Bathurst LOVES to collect goalie rights.

Marek Benda (Cape Breton)
Michael Trudel (Drummondville)

Benjamin Rubin (Gatineau)
Neil Sherren (Cape Breton)
Angelo Esposito (Quebec)
Vincent Bourgeois (Quebec)

Martin Baca (Shawinigan)
Will Johnson (Shawinigan)

Linden Baum (Shawinigan)

Alexi Pianosi (Moncton)

Bobby Nadeau (Chicoutimi)
Maxime Provencher (Chicoutimi)

Timo Pielmeier (Montreal)

Cape Breton:
Michael Stinziani (Gatineau)

Jean-Simon Allard (Montreal)

Benjamin Lecomte (Quebec)

Benoit Gervais (Rimouski)

Sebastien Piche (Rouyn-Noranda)
Maxim Gougeon (Rouyn-Noranda)


1,2,3 picture from the QMJHL website.
Brandon Hynes Picture from

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