Monday, May 26, 2008

Spokane Chiefs win the Memorial cup...then break it

Let's just get to it, shall we. Mashinter had the first goal for Kitchener in the first period. Spokane answered back with a goal on the powerplay by Judd Blackwater (THE rockinest name EVER) and tied the game at 1-1 before the end of the first period. Unice totally should have stopped that puck.

Spokane then took the lead in the second period with goals by Bowman and Glass and continued to shut the Rangers down for the rest of the game, ultimately winning 4-1 after an empty net goal by Cowen. Just this once I throw my support behind the non-defensive team (because I was more familiar with the players), and they go and lose on me. Silly bunt!!!

Then the Spokane Chiefs broke the cup. It just snapped in their Captain's (Bruton) hands. The cup came off, the pedestal was flopping around, and the little hockey player on the side snapped off. Then all the boys stopped and stared in shock as the corpse of the Memorial cup lay there on the ice. However, once they got the multiple pieces of their broken trophy in their 'grabby' little hands, they said Woooooo...a lot.

Spokane goaltender Dustin Tokarski made a total of 52 saves and he was given the 'superboy award' of the tournament, otherwise known as the Stafford Smythe Memorial Trophy, for having a 4-0 record with a 1.72 GAA and .953 save %. Other awards are listed at the Memorial cup website.

Sprig factor:
I am not denying that Tokarski is spriggin, I just think that Unice is more spriggin. Tokarski, however, gets me thinking about an issue which I never discuss because I hate it - the size of a goaltender's equipment. Did they buy his in extra large because he is still growing? I don't care how big your blocker, trapper or pads are but if your damn pants don't fit I think it is time to consider how absolutely silly you look. He really needs those suspenders. I wanted to pants him. The helmet - huge, the chest protector - also huge. Still, he is fairly spriggin. I will give Tokarski cookies of celebration. Then I will go into the other room with Unice and give him cookies of condolence. Cookies of condolence come with extra chocolate chips, a huge glass of milk and a shoulder to cry on, Bernier style.

Also did you see some of those shots on Tokarski? Dear Kitchener - when the boy is laying down and the whole top of the net is open, just lift the puck a bit. Also, Tokarski spends a lot of time on his knees and all you had to do was shoot high.
That is all. Damn.

Unice - I don't want to criticize you (here, have another cookie) but when you are down in the butterfly and you have to move left across the crease, bring your right leg up and push off. Mentally willing yourself across the crease will get you nowhere, and desperately wiggling your right leg just looks silly. Also, when YOU play the puck, it scares me. However, you are still too darn cute.

The Q:
But...I have learned something from watching this game. We have the Q draft coming up in early June and may I suggest we draft the boys who really enjoy, and are also really good at shouting woooo. This way, they will play hard just so they can win and get a chance to yell wooooo.


The CHL also handed out their league awards during the Memorial cup run. Congrats go out to Robert Slaney from the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles for being so smart, to Chris Morehouse of the Moncton Wildcats for being so nice despite the fact that it is his job to punch players in the face and to
C├ędric Lalonde-McNicoll of the Shawinigan Cataractes for being the most pleasant boy in all of hockey.

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