Thursday, May 15, 2008

Purrrrrr. Jr hockey is back tomorrow.

While I have my head all wrapped up in Olfactory lobe glia, I should try to keep my head all wrapped up in Olfactory lobe glia, and I should not be writing about Jr Hockey. Unfortunately, my head is not really wrapped up in olfactory lobe glia since a certain little goalie has burrowed into my brain, eaten away all of my interneurons and left me only with a direct connection between the photoreceptors, and the goalie ganglion - which synapses onto neurons directed back towards the tear ducts. Now he is there, all nested in my brain, nibbling on my glia as if it were marzipan and being all coo-worthy. I coo only for you sweet little goalie (pigeon dances ensue). As a result the neurons that remain are not being very saltatory today, sorry.

It all started when I told my girl N.B. that I was "totally over him", then I proceeded to tell a story (with sighing) about how the smell of hand moisturizer can linger and be transferred from hand to hand following a handshake. She pointed out that I was so not "over him", because when you are "over him" you stop telling stories about him. So true. When I realized how pitiful I am, I got stuck in one of my ruts. Like the ruts in the ice of his crease that he hates so much - such a fussy little goalie, that one. You would swear that he thought the other goalie was sabotaging his crease. How many period starts were delayed due to his fussing about the ice?

My rut was made exponentially deeper by the fact that neither Marty #2 nor Marty #3 have been returning my calls. I went home stuck in what boyfriend calls a "goalie-rut". He said "do not bring your goalie rut home to me". With whom can I share my goalie rut? - ohhhh the pain.

Then Marty#3 called me back last night, because I had finally given up on him. It is like how your ex- will call you when they find out you finally had a date with some other guy. They try to worm their way back in just to sabotage the whole deal and then they dump you again. I think Marty #3 is just being a tease. Goalies on the brain much? I even had a weird dream featuring Pascal Leclaire, my wee coo-worthy goalie, my friend Andy, and an evil island. Now that the IIHFs are done where am I going to get my live goalie fix?

Memorial Cup:
There is some brief pre- Memorial cup coverage in the Metro. Halifax is currently recovering from its bout of IIHF fever. It is like SARS for Hockey fans. When it is gone you wonder what all the fuss was about.

Schedule for Gatineau:
Friday May 16 -7:00et Rangers vs Olympiques
Monday May 19 - 7:00et Bulls vs Olympiques
Tuesday May 20 - 7:00et Chiefs vs Olympiques

You can also check out Memorial Cup previews at TSN or Sportsnet. Ugh, what is Stamkos doing there, he is not playing in the Memorial cup.

Dear Media
Please get Steven Stamkos out of my face for 3 seconds, K.
Love Q-girl

The NHL Draft:
The Saint John Sea Dogs have a feature on possible NHL first round draft pick Yann Sauve . Sauve makes me roll onto my back and purr - he skates so pretty (yeah, he skates pretty, that's it). Sauve is listed 29th for North American Skaters in the 2008 NHL draft. This means that Yann will likely go second round. Hmmm, NJ has the 21st pick so they are probably not going to choose Sauve - even though Marty needs Francophone friends on the team to keep him happy. Marty should be more "Jagr Diva' and demand more French players. What Marty wants, Marty gets.

Anyway, it does not help that there are so many defensemen in the draft this year, or that the Devils like to draft Americans, and that more than anything the Devils need offense. So while I would like him in a Devils uniform, and they would draft him only because he is pretty enough for their team, it is not likely that Yann Sauve will be going to NJ. If I had a second wish it would be Sauve to Columbus early in the second round. Actually now that I think about it, it seems mean to banish anyone to Columbus - is their such a thing as fun in Columbus?

Look at the top 30 draft list for North American goalies. Poulin is there. Do you ever get the feeling that D'Orso is totally getting the shaft?

QMJHL Trades:
According to the Telegraph Journal, we (the Mooseheads) do get some draft picks back from the Drummondville Voltigeurs for our trading of PJ Corsi. Apparently we get "third-, fourth- and seventh-round picks in 2008 and a fourth in 2009". Whew, that sounds a little better. Unfortunately, the team can only have two 16 year olds on the roster in any season. This makes me wonder about our Hockey farm - where we grow young hockey players into older hockey studs amongst our fertile poopy Moosedroppings. How old is Matt Snow now and do we still have his rights? I must get around to doing some snoopy-young-man-related-research. Some would call it internet stalking, but I only stalk goalies.
-update - nope Snow wants NCAA

The Telegraph Journal also have an interview with current Gatineau Olympiques Captain and former Moncton Wildcat, Jean-Philip Chabot.

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