Friday, May 16, 2008

A look back: Ondrej Pavelec

Sigh, yes, Cape Breton Screaming Eagles alum Ondrej Pavelec has been on my mind. Ondrej is currently playing with Atlanta Thrashers' AHL affiliate, the Chicago Wolves. The Wolves have made it to the semi-finals where they will face the Toronto Marlies (and former Devil's backup goaltender Scott Clemmensen) in the race for the Calder cup. So far this playoffs Ondrej has played 13 games with 8 wins, 5 losses and has a GAA = 2.28 and a save % = 0.925

I have two little bites of Ondrej history for you. They must be nibbled not swallowed whole.

The First is a story from his sister taken from the Czech league inspired Southern Bohemian Hockey Blog:

I bet you don´t know too many players that came to hockey thanks to their sister. The soft spoken Atlanta rookie Ondrej Pavelec is one of them.
"One day, I was practicing in Kladno´s stadium, I explained that I have a small brother at home. The coach told me to that I should take him with me the next time. He couldn´t wait to get there" told Marcela Pavelcova deniksport. Marcela, 28, currently serves as Kladno´s women´s team captain and had a quite successful career so far, playing in Austria, Switzerland and representing the Czech Republic at World Championships. The 5 year old Ondrej couldn´t skate, so he became goaltender right away. The fact that Kladno has one of the best youth hockey systems in the Czech Republic, if not Europe, helped Pavelec to develop his skills and earned him a nomination for the U18 World Championships in Plzen. "Around that time i realized that my brother has turned from a boy to a man and that he could become very successful. I was a good motivation for him, because I played for the national team at that time, something he wanted to achieve as well" says Marcela. In 2005 Ondrej Pavelec made the jump to the QMJHL and withing 2 years he found his way to the NHL.

"I know everything about his girlfriends. I wrote his love-letters, he wasn´t good at that. I even had to write "I love you" at the end of the letter". says Marcela.

"He always asks me what I think about his girlfriend... He isn´t that kind of guy who only cares about the looks of a girl... He isn´t fixed on blondes, I think he prefers dark haired girls" Marcela Pavelcova.

The second is some fun times had while in CB playing for the Screaming Eagles. I basically get excited seeing a goalie do anything in his gear, which is why I like the you tube video 'date with a goalie'. I would hate to think that there are actual fleshy people under there. Unfortunately, I cannot embed these videos.

Pavelec "Snow Fun in Ingonish" part 1
Pavelec "Snow Fun in Ingonish" part 2

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