Friday, May 2, 2008

IIHF mania

It is amazing the things you can get when you are a bum or if you are waiting until.....just....the .....right.....moment. I have managed to get cheap Row A tickets for the USA vs Latvia game tonight (ohhh I will see you soon sweet Zach Parise and Paul Martin), as well as free lower bowl tickets for the Finland vs Germany game tomorrow afternoon (Backstrom, Romo, baby Koivu, Jokinen, Ruutu, etc etc Selanne).

It is also amazing the things you learn about certain goalie coaches, certain Mooseheads and certain NHL players who grew up in Hfx when you know people in the know...but this is an opinion blog not a gossip blog, so I'll just take my stumpy fingers off of the keyboard now.

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