Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bring me your links and your junior hockey blogs

I have recently discovered the hockey prospects blog Coming Down the Pipe. If you like Junior hockey as much as I do then it is worth checking out....but be forewarned, it is serious. All kinds of real manly serious - because, truth be told, hockey players are not drafted to the NHL for their pouty lips and awesome eyebrow power. It can't be all pouty lips and eyebrow power between intermittent hits of rational hockey logic, facts, scores, and fancy backhand passes by Giroux or horrible misplays by Mior, which we use to distract us from our otherwise dull life of sciencey glutamate and dEAATs...or can it?

Coming Down the Pipe is an extension of a radio show called "the pipeline show" which I have never heard, but is maybe a show I should get to know. It covers not only players from the QMJHL but also the OHL, WHL, as well as players from other countries. What? There are other countries that play hockey outside of Canada ....crazy!!! Perhaps it can help me bone up on my outside the Q knowledge. I am adding 'Coming Down the Pipe" to my sidebar for future reference. I am also adding a link to "Consider This"...because I just can't get enough 16-20 year old boys in my life.

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