Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sea Dogs vs Huskies: Game 3. Warning – very bad language within.

Sea Dogs
Do we have to talk about this? Do we really? That Sirs was not “playing the trap”! You can’t fool me, I am a NJ Devils fan. Unlike your home town folks I stuck it out. I sat through every last miserable minute of that (while simultaneously watching Washington/Philly). I can’t believe your fans were leaving during the second period. What a bunch of selfish cunts. If I lived in Saint John I would build a little nest amoung the seats in Harbour Station and never leave. I would probably get fat from the food offerings available but maybe I could work it off if you would give me some ice time. I am seriously considering building a little nest at the Metro Centre. I stick around 'till the end, win or lose. I watch the announcement of stars; I clap for the enemy when they are given stars in our barn. I am a good fan. Despite what is happening to you right now, and even though you might not believe it - YOU ARE A GOOD TEAM.

The call back of your second goal was the worst and ended up being a total motivation destroyer for you. The refs just can’t do that. They cannot go back and review a penalty from before the goal occurred. I call bullshit. It is so weird that the same thing happened in Washington except the goal was allowed. Either call the penalty when it happens or let it go. What happened to Washington with the goaltender interference was so much worse than that silly high stick before the goal that was called on your play. Fucking bullshit.

If it is any consolation, I am an abysmal failure. If I were not, I would be writing my PhD instead of writing this blog. I have forgotten how to write science. Brain freeze happens to the best of us. I hope you have not quit on yourself. Now I actually, really want to hug you in a nurturing way. Allowing 3 goals on 7 shots is hard, and I really feel for you. When I saw the third one slip by you I said “Travis this is not for you, you have to go”. I think you heard me since you just up and skated away from the net. You pulled yourself from the game. You quit. Today is a new day my rough and tumble little goalie. Don’t give up on yourself, you are good enough. I have watched you all year and I believe in you. You brought the team this far. If it were not for you the Sea Dogs would not have been second in the East and definitely would not have made it to the semi-finals of the playoffs. It is a lot of pressure, but right now you have nothing to lose. Forget about the Mayor, forget about the Sea Dogs flag flying over city hall, and forget about the fans. This is just one more hockey game, possibly your last ever QMJHL game. Go out there and play it for you.

I can’t believe you would take your girlfriend to the Metro Centre. This is where we have our dates. I mean sure I take my boyfriend but he knows about us and he is cool with that. Sir I am offended. Leave now! No wait, stay! No goalie, don’t leave me! No, go! I need my head back and you are a huge distraction! No wait, stay! I want to look at you more. No, go. No, stay. No, wait. I am just going over here to cry.

Boys in the Q- they love you and leave you. I am heartbroken.

If the Moose are going to go down I hope we go down magnificently. I hope you get at least one chance in nets before our playoff run is done and I hope you rock it. I hope you get to continue on in hockey. I hope all the best for you because I have never been more emotionally invested in a little goalie in my whole life.

It smells like the sea today. You are really missing out, the weather here is great. Just thought you might want to know that. Rain was supposed to pour (like my tears) but that is not happening. How is Gatineau? Thundershowers! Overcast, with a 60% POP. That doesn't sound too good for Yeti!

I was happy to see that your girlfriend was not blond. She has perfect porcelain skin and she looks kinda surreal and otherworldly. Somewhat elven like you. Not bad Pier, not bad at all. If you like girls that can sing it is good that you chose her. When I sing, it can only be likened to the sound of clubbing baby seals. Not that I have heard what that sounds like, but I don’t think it would sound pleasant.


Washington vs Philly:
There are so many turnovers in this series that it is like watching the Mooseheads play the Mooseheads, but with flashier goaltending. I suppose Biron would be Yeti and HueT would be Pelletier.


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