Saturday, April 5, 2008

Moose vs Eagles: Game 2. Thank the Gods for wins.

Quick notes:

Why don’t the refs just get on their knees and suck Robert Slaney off. Frack (someone likes Battlestar galactica). I mean we still won, but get real refs….I could see some of those three power play goals coming. They will haunt me in my dreams. Someone keep an eye on that little bitch. Just because he is smart that does not mean there is a force-field of invincibility around him. Moose - don’t leave him alone beside the net.

Now that I have had a brief brush with insanity I hope I can recover. Yetman got the third star of the game after stopping 29 of 33 shots (17 of which were classified as dangerous). Bryce Swan is now eligible to apply for God status, and bless RD Chisholm’s little soul. If young boys can crush out on older chicks like Shannon Slaughter, there is always hope for chicks like me (theoretically- and that is all that matters). Oh, and that Marchand guy with the funny eyebrows got the first star because our local media likes the guy with 3 assists more than they like a guy with two goals (take your pick of Corsi or Swan) - even if the guy with two goals has the game winner (Swan from Knotek and White puppy).

Hooray for Keven and Fully. My other favorite # 22 Keven Guérette-Charland had a hat trick tonight and received the first star of the game as Saint John defeated the Acadie-Bathurst Titan 5-2. I will have to look up some good cookie recipes - I promised Simon cookies and it looks like the Dogs are indeed pulling this off. Travis Fullerton was the third star with a 0.939 save percentage and 31 saves on 33 shots (with 15 dangerous shots) and Francois Gauthier was the second star. Talk about Pavlovian conditioning- I have lost my knickers and I am drooling already but I haven’t even seen the game. Sea Dogs – you are #1 on my to-do list. Not only that but the Titan appeared to have pulled Champion and put Brad Dyke in for the last five minutes of the game. What is the point… and where is Szostak? That boy gets no love.

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NHL news:

Canadiens are #1

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