Thursday, April 17, 2008

Every Hans Blix wants to get their hands on Travis Fullerton' s weapons.

Yes, yes, everybody loves Travis Fullerton. Read all about his God-like rockingness here. Bow down and worship at the altar of his moustache. Pffff what the hell do you mean - you do not like his moustache? Nuts to you, crazy person!!! I demand that you worship him.

Does Gougeon have good numbers so far this playoffs? Sure, but in a one-on-one goalie battle I would take Fullerton and his sexy-dirty skeezey moustache over Gougeon and his meticulously groomed handle-bar moustache, chinstrap, landingstrip combo anyday. Gougeon is a cornucopia of douchey facial hair and hot, rugged Fullerton now looks hotter and more rugged (picture courtesy of John Morgan and Facebook).

Don't even waste your time telling me to keep my skirt down - it's not going to work. I've been running around all over town - drunk, with my skirt up over my head and screaming his name since playoffs began. Unfortunately, I am in the wrong town and it is damn cold outside.

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