Thursday, April 3, 2008

Castlevania II

This is your quest - tomorrow you face the Acadie-Bathurst Titan and you must protect your goalie. You have done very well for yourself this year with your 14 points, minimal penalty minutes (30) and +18 rating. I know you are just a baby defenseman but I am entrusting this in part to you, because if you can do it, then surely the boys who are older and more experienced than you can also get it done. Right? You should set the bar and the older equally giant boys on your team will have to match or surpass it.

I have a lot of confidence in Travis Fullerton's ability to stop pucks, he is far better than Champion. The Titan defense aren't even all that scary. Your team has been a good match for them all year - 4 wins, 4 losses (which is better than I can say for the Moose vs the Titan). In the four games Fully has played against the Titan he has been credited with three wins, one loss. You can get this done with Travis between the pipes. I have a weird, eerie faith in you.

You are not scared of the Titan are you: Perreault, Joly, Masse, Jezegou, Laberge etc.. How could you be? The average height of forwards on the Titan is 3 ft. I am bigger than most of those guys. Just don't let them scoot between your legs. Small guys are sneaky like that.

Look at are a giant, and you are too adorable. When I see a mini daschund I laugh and clap like a fool. I have the same response when I see you.

Simon Després makes me want giant pre-raised children.

Can I adopt you? I know that I am too young to be your mother but that is irrelevant. I make a killer almond cookie. What is your favorite kind of cookie? I am going to start baking them right now. Oh, you also like spaghetti and meatballs, that one is easy. How about I make you both? If you help your team win round two by pushing around that pesky Titan offense I will bake you all the cookies you can eat. I promise.

I have to get back to my team now, but I am currently looking into filing all the appropriate adoption papers with the governments of Quebec and Nova Scotia. If your mom would like, we can have shared custody, but I want visitation for one of the major holidays and at least every third weekend.

Your new mother

News from around the Q:

Rimouski Oceanic gets the 2009 Memorial cup

Halifax Mooseheads:

Mooseheads-Eagles will be a true animal battle
Spotlight on Goalies

Cape Breton Screaming Eagles:
Eagles' Slaney, Roy, Vincent win major awards

I know...a Newf living in Cape Breton won the award for smartest kid in the Q. I also hear spooky music playing in the background....and have now entered the twilight zone.

MAINEiacs bid adieu

Moncton Wildcats:

Cats Captain is top Humanitarian

Saint John:
First line of Defense
Titan, Sea Dogs set for battle

St John's Fog Devils:
To Russia with Glove

Hooray for Jake Allen, who will be playing for Canada's world under 18 team

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