Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tigre Hunting in la Belle province

Moose will be playing the Tigre tonight at 7:30 eastern time (8:30 Atlantic time). According to Wuest the Tigre have lost forward Maxime Tanguay for the rest of the series due to a hamstring injury. However previously injured Steven Cacciotti who missed the first two games of the playoffs should be back in the game tonight. Once again Kevin Poulin is expected to start in nets for the Tigres.

In other Mooseheads news you can check these articles from the Herald:
Moose take show on road

and the Metro:
Mooseheads' Killers dominate
Moose look to finish off Tigres
which I particularly like because they interview Yetty/Yeti and the Booing is mentioned:

"While fans are watching via webcast, there isn’t as much intense scrutiny on the road — and there is no risk of being booed, which has been known to happen in Moose Country.

“We’re just a bit looser,” Yetman said. “We can play our game.”

...and so to all the assholes who spent the entire year insulting our goalies and booing our goalies, did you ever think that every time these boys step on the ice they have that nagging fear in the back of their head that says "is today the day I get booed?" Do you not think it affects their performance?

As of right now the Fog devils are winning 5-1 after the second. Go Fog Devils. Champion let in 5 goals in just over 20 minutes but we all know there was no way in hell the Titan were going to pull him and put Szostak in. Has Szostak even ever played a game in the Q? I think the only game Champion has not played since he took over as the Titan starter was a game in which they called up Brad Dyke. I know what you are thinking, you are thinking "who the hell is Szostak?" - exactly. Even Lewiston was kind enough to play Rafuse because they are smart enough to know that the guy sitting on the bench is supposed to be used for something...and not just decoration, or to be thrown into the net in the event of injury to your #1 (Champion is technically #2), in which case he may be incredibly rusty after 3 months on a bench.

Saint John is currently leading PEI 5-2. I have finally seen Fully in all of his dyed hair and beard glory. David Connell has posted pictures from the Sea Dogs awards night. Fully has Biron eyes - so very blue. I think 90 % of the Sea Dogs have blue eyes, and Simon has the best eyebrows I have ever seen. I am running away with Simon Despres, Steve Mason, Maxime Sauve, Zach Boychuk and Antoine Tardif for a spa day and eyebrow styling session, then Mason will show us which is the best lipgloss shade for our skin tones. Steve Mason totally uses lip gloss. Then we will retire for a sleepover party with a horror film, hot chocolate, pillow fights and the first girl to fall asleep will get her bra put in the freezer, oops I mean boy- and jock strap.

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