Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Keep an eye out for robots

It is a damn good thing that Lewiston and St John' s got back into the game. I was beginning to think the Eastern division playoffs were going to get a bit dull there. I had a crazy night of hockey watching. Sea Dogs vs PEI Rocket and during the intermission I caught the end of the Titan vs Fog Devils game, then back to Sea Dogs/Rocket. I topped it off by watching the last period of Cape Breton /Lewiston.

Champion was a total machine in the last 8 minutes of the third. It was insane. I suddenly, totally respect him. He does not play like that in Halifax. The cross crease save was phenomenal. Is that what playoff hockey can do to a boy? He was everywhere!!! Sure the 20 minutes prior to that when he let in 5 straight goals was not so amazing....but I did not see that part of the game. I can't believe the Fog Devils came back from a 4-0 deficit beginning at the halfway mark of the game and managed to get the game winning goal with only 0.7 seconds left. Crazy. Final score: 6-5

In the MAINEiacs vs Eagles game Jon was a total machine as well. A smooth, well greased machine that made 36 saves. Perhaps when he got home to Lewiston he found his razer and shaved off that stupid moustache. Final Score: 2-1 Lewiston.

The Rocket vs Sea Dogs game was mired by penalties. It seemed to last forever. So many 5 on 3's. Poor goalies. Fully was lit up in the third during a string of successive Sea Dogs penalties. The Dogs have to be careful not to get so many stupid penalties (unsportsmanlike) because they have that stupid little PK problem. PEI had an awesome PK in the second. It felt like they were on almost 10 straight minutes of PK with three 5 on 3's. The Rocket PK was mostly due to the strength of LaFleur. The dogs had 12 PP, and PEI had 8 PPs, but overall PEI had 46 Pim and the Sea Dogs had 42 Pim. Final score:6-4 Sea Dogs.

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