Friday, March 21, 2008

Slow on Props

The QMJHL has announced its players of the month.
I will give you three pictures and you can guess which one is offensive, defensive and rookie player of the month. It feels so good to have an excuse to post pictures of goalies.

It is just over two hours until the game and I am not feeling so good.

There are a number of new news stories posted for the Sea Dogs, the Titan, and the Eagles.

Sea Dogs:

All Perreault wants is Presidents cup championship ring to call his own.

...and then there is Eagles news. Will my family at home be catching an exciting game tonight? Hell yes. Then my mom will approach Jon and ask him why he has not married me yet? Mind your own damn business mom. Jon will then tell her I am a whore and I get it on with all the goalies. He would be right. This is why he almost fought with Fullerton back on Feb 1st. If I won the game worn Fullerton jersey I would be at home right now examining it for tiny residual moustache hairs.

Just a little note - one small thing I noticed. When P-O was playing here in October, his ring was on his left hand, then by the Devils game (Dec 16th) it was on his right hand. It was still on his right hand during the Titan game on Feb 9th (the nasty, nasty game with the goalie go-round) but by the Lewiston game (March 12) there was no ring. So which one is the marriage ring finger (I am not a normal girl I do not know this)? I am just saying, but he is only 20 - so I hope not, and yet if this was the case I would say - what kind of damn fool is this boy - he is only 20. Speculation about the personal lives of strangers is nothing but crazy-person fun.

Plus if he was supposed to marry anybody it was supposed to be Q-girl. I promised him my love with a gift of POP-Rocks. POP-Rocks are forever. I would marry P-O but fuck around with Fully and Price, and continue to receive gifts from and date Jon, all the while obsessively calling and stalking Martys #1, #2 and #3.

I have a sneaking suspicion that "Hal/Mac" never gave the lovely-beautiful Mr. Pier-Olivier Pelletier his POP-Rocks and that "Hal/Mac" probably ate those POP-Rocks himself. When I see his roomate's girlfriend and Ben MacAskill lover, the lovely Ms. A.N. who is standing me up for Saturday's game (and now I am stuck with an extra $16.00 ticket that is going to go to waste) - I will tell her to punch "Hal/Mac" in the face, and then punch herself in the face for standing me up and making me waste $16.00.

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