Saturday, March 1, 2008

Here Kitty Kitty

Once again the Mooseheads (81 pts +2) have faced a lower tier team (Moncton - 54 pts +1) and once again we came out looking like chumps. We have already played Moncton 4 times so far this year with one loss (3-2), one win (5-4), one SO loss, and one SO win. It is never easy...but it should be. Today was our third trip into OT with Moncton. Luckily we came out of it with a win (4-3) .

The good things:
  1. Hillier's shine may be back: he got two goals, one of which was the overtime winner. However, he got no stars (WTF).
  2. Bouchard stood his ground. We had Bouchy blood, but it was a hella good, long fight.
  3. Knotek got his 20th goal of the season.
  4. Yetty/Yeti was good in the first and second.
  5. Voracek maintains his points streak with 1 assist.
  6. Marchand has fancy moves.

The bad things:
  1. Bodnarchuk got the first star for 1 goal, 1 assist and a wonderful turnover that resulted in a breakaway and a scoring chance for the Wildcats (etc). Congrats, we like to lick your ass and now you know it. Please give your star to Hillier.
  2. Yetty/Yeti was not so good in the third.
  3. ~ 270 minutes without P-O Pelletier in nets.
  4. Bona's turnover behind our net.
  5. Whitey likes the Leafs (bad puppy, bad).
  6. Voracek remains behind Perreault (ABT) in the points race.
  7. Marchand's fancy moves get us nowhere.
  8. 0/6 on the PP

My date with Riopel:

It turns out that my date was with Nicola Riopel. I am not upset, I like to play the field and I have spent plenty of time with Mr Lavigne so it is good to get to know Nicola. He has a nice glove hand but he is very butterfly and sticks to the crease. He is quite different from Charles Lavigne. Nicola is more technical, less adventurous, he lacks Charles's propensity for the poke-check, and quirks-wise his helmet stays on (even at the bench).

I am sitting on your lap. Did you notice how I did that? First I invited myself to your abominable snow palace for a drink, then I built an attachment onto your abode and you let me brush your hair, now I am on your lap. I am slick like that. We have had some fun times, no? We had some drinks, played some cards, learned how to harness our unknown superpowers, installed a shelf for your stars, and Guillaume taught us how to curse in French. However, I am only here to whisper in your ear "give P-O back his place in nets".

At least we won, which is better than I can say for the Saint John Sea Dogs. We are now 3 points ahead of the Dogs:
Halifax 83
Sea Dogs 80
Screaming Eagles 78
Titan 73
Lewiston 72
St. John's 68
PEI 59
Moncton 55

I will not touch on the Telus division teams because they scare me. Here are some pictures of the Moose celebrating a win and being happy that we remain first in our division (aka an excuse to sneak in a picture of Pelletier - ooooh, he has a new hat).



Rouyn-Noranda Huskies 4 / Saint John Sea Dogs 0
Cape Breton Screaming Eagles 4/ St. John Fog Devils 3 in SO
Quebec Remparts 5 / Victoriaville 3

What it all means:
-Robert Mayer gets the loss for Saint John...this means Fully is back in nets tomorrow against Val d'Or.
-Jake Allen gets the loss for St. John's ..this means you can't play your back-up in a back to back and expect two hot wins in a row.

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