Sunday, February 24, 2008

Welcome back to Earth

Titan - In your face!!!
I have wished, and wished, and even wished on a chicken bone for this win. It was a big welcome back to earth indeed. Mooseheads defeat the Acadie-Bathurt Titan 6-2.

My 'fear the Yeti' shirt is in the mail. I want to hug you and kiss you and run away with you to your abominable snow palace. Don't worry P-O, we will just be getting drunk and playing cards.

Un-a-fucking-ssisted. Un-fucking-believable. You get a whole box of puppy treats.
.....and you shaved? If so, then here are your human treats as well.

I thought, wha? Paired with Knotek and Cheremetiev? Really? Well...this is going nowhere!!! This is sabotage!!! But apparently it did not matter who you were paired with because - un-a-fucking-ssisted!!! You can join Yeti/Yetty and I at his snow palace for drinks. In the middle of the second I escaped from my shitty seats in 31 O, and settled into section 26. Thank you for waiting until I moved to score that goal. Seeing it in close up made my day. All the girls agree- it was a very shiny goal.

There is no thumbs-up emoticon and emoticons are dumb anyway. Sometimes (everytime) when I get shitty seats, I blame you for my getting shitty seats, and if I am not practically licking the glass I consider my seat a shitty seat. Since you have gotten here the Metro Centre has been a much busier place. I figure that for all of my suffering you owe me Carey Price's phone number. Pay up and I will finally start handing out the props you deserve. Until then...

Fine, you did indeed deserve your first star. I have glued some macaronis and sparkles on to it to make it look fancier. Three points in the form of two goals, one assist.... hmmmm.... needs more sparkles.

I sometimes think that if I had to have a short team Canada player on my hometown team, it could be Legein (because he makes me laugh...but he is OHL), or Giroux (because I have already built him his little squirrel house - also covered in sparkles). I guess I just take hometown boys for granted. Thank you for playing like you are supposed to play. Here are your long overdue kisses.

Louis-XVI & Bouchard
Hit, hit, hit. Kill, kill, kill. That goal was the icing on the cake, and the cake was shaped like a slaughtered Titan.

Just in case you do not know what a slaughtered Titan looks like: here is Svoboda pretending to be slaughtered.

More props later

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