Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lewy vs Saint John

You know that when you get angry and hit a boy with your stick 'cos he got-all-up-in-your-crease, I, in turn, only want to lick you more, right? Everybody knows how I feel about angry goalies - the angrier the goalie, the hotter the goalie. You are a tender baby gazelle and I am a starving motherfucker run.

Congrats on your beautiful 0.971 save %, and your second star, but also boo-on-you for winning. We (the Moose, who else you silly boy?) were one-up on you for about 2 hours, then you (the Sea Dogs, uggg... do I have to explain everything?) had to go and ruin it all by getting that goal in the third. So here we stand, one point separates us still...and you have the upper hand.
The least you could do is congratulate us for bringing the Titan to their knees.


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