Friday, February 22, 2008

Damn you Titan

Horray, the Sea Dogs are losing. Booo, the Titan are winning. Why is the live video feed down? This sucks.

While the Sea Dogs are technically 'the enemy' that we have to worry about right now, they have a fair number of players that I actually like: Fullerton, Després, Sauvé. I would hate for such nice young boys to walk away from a game with hurt feelings. Not only that, but the Sea Dogs have nice loyal fans. Good for them.

As I write this the game is ending. DAMN, shots were 40 to 18 in favour of the Titan in a 7-1 loss for the Dogs. Sea Dogs - you got spanked, kicked, and licked...and it wasn't even me doing the spanking or licking. Shame.

The Titan, on the other hand, are ensconced with asshole. I don't know that much about the Titan players, but I do know this about the Titan:
1) They had a fire sale during the last trade period
2) They got a new coach
3) Some combo of the above made them suddenly, and magically, hot as hell
4) During the winter trade period they got some of the Ds we could have used
5) They are based in Bathurst, and no one likes Bathurst
6) Mathieu Perreault's play must have been ignited by a spark at about the time of the fire sale, because damn... he had a point in 27 consecutive games, a streak which ended on Feb 15th... and already a new points-streak has begun.
7) Antoine Tardif has nice eyebrows. This little goalie 'got broked' and has gone missing. If you find him please let me know, I MUST ask him who does his brows.

8) Nicholas Champion is rocking it for such an inexperienced little back-up goalie.

9) They have literally 1000 back-up to the back-up goalies, none of which actually gets to play.
10) One of those back-ups to the back-up, Brad Dyke likes to chew on the neck of his jersey while he is sitting at the bench. This is called 'sweater munching'. I noticed this sweater munching when he was in Halifax while playing with Drummondville. I watch goalies A LOT, and as such I notice many of their weird quirks.
11) Their offense seems to actually be capable of making up for their sometimes shakey defense/goalkeeping (unlike some teams I know).
12) They have a small but vocal group of fans which act like huge assholes (hence the ensconcing).

...and so a loss for them is a kick in the teeth to these fans.

I really want them to start losing.
I hope the losing can begin this Sunday, 2:00 pm, at the Halifax Metro Centre.

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