Tuesday, December 15, 2009

mass distributers

So busy.
...and in my off time - so lazy.

As a result there will be mass distribution of cookies: Gerrad Grant for his goal on Friday vs. the Wildcats, Jordan Costello for his first ever goal as a Moosehead in the game against PEI on Saturday, and Spencer Metcalfe  for his rocking fight in tonight's the game against the Moncton Wildcats.

A few things to note:

The Moose lost 6-5 against PEI but it was a snappy affair with the Moose earning a single point as this was an overtime loss. The reffing sucked, but it likely sucked in both team's favours. So many soft calls. However, that unsportsman like penalty against Desjardins was total bullshit. You can't even site "the Avery rule" as precedent on that one. I am a major proponent and possible creator of the "goalies above all others" movement, but even I think that was a BS call. I am not a big fan of the penalty in OT that cost us the game either.

Tonight the Moose were slaughtered by the Moncton Wildcats. Final score 6-1. Tomas Knotek had the lone Moosehads goal (assisted by Grant and Gillard). This is Tomas's last game with the team as he heads out tomorrow to join his Czech teammates for the World Junior Championship tryout camp. We will see how hot Randell and Grant are without him. Who will join them on the top line? Oh the suspense!

So we lost, again. Corbeil had another (seemingly) bad game. 6 goals on 29 shots can never really be considered good. What to say? All I can think of are the immortal words of Kodos
"...but tonight I say, we must move forward, not backward, upward not forward, and always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom victory." This, of course, does not involve spin-o-ramas. I had enough of those in April '08 to last me a lifetime.

Gerrad Grant is on a 7 game point streak. Oh, the things he can do with those hands! (which is probably why you should be careful about shaking them).

The team now have a facebook page. It is filled with amazing things like action shots, team photos (OK, admittedly those are often less than amazing. In fact they are often sub-par) and GOAL VIDEOS.

oh ...and there is this :^:::::::::::::::::::::::::

Gabe's jersey is up for auction starting tomorrow. You only have until this Friday to bid. If someone got it for me I would finally concede and accept a Christmas gift even though I am a major Scrooge and I do not celebrate Christmas as I despise all things Christmas (except the food, eggnog, and drunken merriment).

Have you ever wonder what happened to Steve Lund? Did you ever watch a game and think - that boy sure is a drama queen? Wonder no more. Steve is currently attending Vancouver Film School. See, there is life after hockey (and concussions).


RedFridayGirl said...

Losing Blows the biggest Monkey Chunks ever!!! I hope they win at the upcoming game :0

So I clicked the link.. actually I saw it earlier on Facebook... Hello can we give all the players a poster like this from our favorite movies.. they would be collector’s items... :-) I think all the puck bunnies will be lining up better get the silver sharpies out.

Sending Amaretto and Eggnog drinks to all the boys.. maybe they just need a good wild night 

Q-girl said...

Amaretto and eggnog is the best. How did you know I love that? I need that drink, not them. Besides, some of them are under-aged...

...not that it would stop them from drinking.

Q-girl said...

How appropriate and creepy is it that Harold and Maude is my favorite movie? Would the poster have Jessyko (would also accept Hannay or Corbeil) as Harold and me as Maude?

RedFridayGirl said...

LOL... I have to agree everyone should have a drink.. note to self.. make big vats and bring to Friday's game :-) might help loosen everyone up :-) under age.. really what is that... they serve wine at church.. and they dont' card you :-)

There are so many movies that I would pick and I would accept your picks as well.. though maybe not in that order.. I would also have to add 3 more names :-)

I forgot to mention on my last comment WTF is with the pictures on the Fan Page.. they all look like they should have a charged with plaque in front of their face... they are AWEFUL.. did they come off the ice all sweaty and someone took their picture?? Who is in charge of this.. we need to have some words :-)

RedFridayGirl said...

Do the poster up ;-) I think it would rock.. the question is do you think your "Harold" would even know that movie?

Q-girl said...

My real "Harold"-ish crush is actually not a Moosehead. Though, I can bet you any money that none of my "Harolds" know about this movie.

RedFridayGirl said...

Lol.. I didn't think they would! At my age I think it would be more like jail bait then crush!