Friday, December 4, 2009

About last night: Redux

Pre game
Big changes are happening in the lives of anyboy who ever put on a Mooseheads jersey (well, not peg-legs who sits behind me).

Yesterday the Mooseheads announced that they traded veteran defenceman Alexandre Brunet to the Rouyn Noranda Huskies for a 5th round pick in 2011. Poor Brunet, he never even got cookies. At best, all I could offer him was the little package of travel oreos I snagged at the vaccination clinic on Tuesday. It's what was in my purse.

Best of luck in Rouyn Mr Brunet.  I am sorry this has to happen and totally disrupt your life. Such is life in the  child slave-labor organization known as the CHL. You will be in good company, though, since both Gabe O'Connor and the 'other' Yeti can now be your new friends.

...then there were 3 Truro Moosecats:
Former Moosehead and twenty year old "sniper" (don't laugh) Yuri Cheremetiev was released by the Bathurst Titan after only 13 games with the team. In those 13 games Yuri had only 1 goal and 1 assist for a total of 4 goals and 5 assists in 27 games between the two teams. This was supposed to be Yuri's best year EVAH, since he spent the summer getting buff and even spent some time in Russia trying out for the KHL (to which he was drafted). Sometimes there is a huge difference between what the newspaper reporters and Cam Russell tell us, and reality.

Yuri will be joining former Mooseheads 20 year olds Ben MacAskill (who makes reading sexy) and Eric Louis-Seize (who makes decapitation sexy) on the MJAHL's Truro Bearcats. Because Yuri could not stick with the Titan until January, the Mooseheads will be ...*mumbles* something,  something lost draft picks. I told him not to screw us like this and then he went and did it. Pffft, that's so Yuri of him.

With the loss of Cheremetiev, and now Brunet, the Mooseheads are now down to ONE twenty year old - Linden BahmSquad, and only one guy named Alex (did you forget MacDonald already? Shame).   I never could have imagined this scenerio.

Moose vs Gatineau:
Last night Gatineau were quick out of the gate with a goal only 8 seconds into the game. I mean, it was so quick that I wasn't even in game mode yet. I was still fidgeting and talking. It was a definite shock to he system, like a bad sugar low, and it was a terrible start to what turned out to be an excellent game.

Despite finishing off the first period down two goals the team rallied back during the second period with three goals. The first was on a long hard shot from the point by Dimitruk that went over shoulder of Tai(n)t, the second off a shot from the faceoff circle (not the middle one) by Lemieux, and last but not least Gelinas a goal...somehow. You may have to swap the Lemieux and Gelinas goals. Admittedly, I don't always pay attention.

Three goals is better than two goals and the third period was a wash, therefor the Mooseheads won. Hoorah!

Clarke was playing his first game back since his  knee injury. He fought; and not only did he get pummeled but had to suffer the embarrassment of an additional 10 minutes for not having his jersey tied down. Well, admittedly it may not actually be an embarrassment for him since it seems like he never ties his jersey down, but it looks bad to the rest of us when he is so liberal about getting naked in public. Really, is it that hard to do up that little button? Just ask for help from one of the guys on the team who is good at keeping secrets about your lack of buttoning dexterity.

Hannay also fought but he kept his cloths on. It would be better if he actually took his cloths off.

...and Mathieu made saves - 23 of them.

What do you want  from me? Details? Pffft  One save involved him being out of position but swinging his hand down in time to cover the puck as an Olympique wildly swatted away at it by the side of the net. It was a soothing end to a moment of chaos and fear. That is all I remember.

It is less than 20 minutes to the start of the next game against PEI, and I have barely had time since yesterday to put this together. No time for baking...or thinking,  so I am giving Dimitruk, the game's first star, $5.00 to run out and buy himself a package of Pirate cookies. I hope he does not have a nut allergy.

Yes, eventually I will change the standings and other details in the side bar. Key word, eventually!

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